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Jun 3, 2020








The Virginity Hit (R)

By Amy Diaz

A lovelorn teen is the last of his group of dudes to do it in The Virginity Hit, a goofy but kind of sweet little movie about sex in the time of YouTube.

So, perhaps I should stop here and reiterate the stuff in the italicized text below, i.e. that this movie is rated R for strong crude and sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, drug and alcohol use and all of that will be reflected here. Should you happen to be reading the paper aloud to the kids, you might want to skip this segment. Because…

A group of buddies celebrates one of their number’s first time by taking terrific hits off a particularly extravagantly tacky bong and decide that that bong will henceforth be the virginity bong, the one off of which the gang will enjoy a hit every time one of the boys loses his virginity.
See what I mean?

Somewhere toward the end of their high school experience Matt (Matt Bennett) is the only one left in the group who hasn’t taken his ceremonial hit. Zack (Zack Pearlman), his adoptive brother and the group’s videographer, whether they like it or not, is eager to see his buddy have sex with his (Matt’s) longtime girlfriend Nicole (Nicole Weaver). It should be mentioned that she, Nicole, is also pretty excited about the whole deal. They are a sweet couple who appear to have waited because Matt really likes her and is nervous about sex and perhaps nervous about it changing a relationship that is so important to him. So as they plan for the big night, he really does it up right — fancy restaurant, nice hotel, etc. But a few days before, he finds out that Nicole might have cheated on him.

Devastated, Matt is urged by Zack to move forward with the sex plan, adding a vengeful element — Zack will record sound from the big event and then afterward, Matt will confront her. Matt can’t go through with it but gets far enough to lose Nicole all the same. The adventure to make Matt a member of the not-a-virgin club then heads in unexpected directions, with a girl appearing out of the mists of the Internet to offer to be his first and an attempt by his friends to get porn star Sunny Leone (actual porn star Sunny Leone; you can Google it, or rather, don’t). 

So, yeah, there’s a hardcore doofus element to this movie. In addition to the actual plot, there’s plenty of giggle-worthy stuff involving a blow-up doll, the set-up for Matt’s night at the hotel with Nicole, Matt’s drunken attraction to Zack’s sister Krysta (Krysta Rodriguez), and what happens to a guy when he is the first one to pass out and his friends have a Sharpie marker. But there is also some sweet stuff about how much these friends care for each other, particularly Matt and Zack. Matt’s mom died when he was a kid and he came to live with Zack’s family. Zack, boorish and addicted to filming and posting the results on YouTube, really seems to love his siblings, who are loved but not particularly well-guided by their parents.

And we get some sense of why Matt feels so deeply about Nicole when we see his relationship with his biological father — a selfish wreck of a man. You get that Matt is probably a bit fragile when it comes to relationships — fragile but also a teenage boy, so the dealing-with-problems thought process isn’t always going to be top-notch.

The Virginity Hit has a ragged indie feel and does occasionally shoot for outrageous only to hit run-of-the-mill raunch. But more often than not, it is genuinely funny and even feels fresh despite traveling the very well-trodden path of “guy looking to lose his virginity.”


Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, drug and alcohol use. Written and directed by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland, The Virginity Hit is an hour and 26 minutes long and distributed by Columbia TriStar.

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