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Coffee Boot Camp 

Where: A&E Coffee & Tea cafe, 1000 Elm St., Manchester 
When: Classes held one evening a month, May through August 
Cost: $45 per class. Deadline to register is the Monday before the class. Buy two tickets and get $20 back at the door. A discount will also be applied for buying tickets to all four events in the series.  
More info: Call 578-3338 or see event listings at Tickets can be purchased at 
Class #1: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee, Wednesday, May 17, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 
Class #2: How to Make the Perfect Cold Brew, Wednesday, June 21, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 
Class #3: Super Simple Espresso, July date TBA
Class #4: Latte Art Maestro, August date TBA

A lesson in coffee
Manchester cafe offers new Coffee Boot Camp series

By Angie Sykeny

 If you’re curious about coffee trends like cold brew and latte art, or if you just want to know the secret to making a good cup of coffee, the new Coffee Boot Camp series at A&E Coffee & Tea’s Manchester cafe has you covered. 

The series includes four classes, each on a different coffee-related topic, and will be held monthly, May through August, starting with the “How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee” class on Wednesday, May 17. 
A&E has offered drop-in educational programs sporadically in the past, but Coffee Boot Camp is the cafe’s first formal class series. 
“Coffee shouldn’t be a mystery, especially here in New England where everyone drinks it,” A&E owner Emeran Langmaid said. “But a lot of people who drink it and enjoy it still don’t understand it, so these classes will help to demystify coffee for them.” 
The May class will begin with a general discussion of what coffee is; coffee’s history and origins; the steps required to get coffee from the bean to the cup, and the different types of processes that are used; and the science behind brewing coffee. Then, using what they learned about the components of coffee and how it’s made, participants will go through the process of making and tasting their own coffee. They’ll experiment with various measurements and techniques to find out what makes a good cup of coffee and what makes a bad one, and what creates different styles of coffee, from lightly flavored to strongly flavored coffee. 
“I really wanted to start the series with showing people how they can make a great cup of coffee at home,” Langmaid said. “Even if you make coffee every day, you may not pay attention to what goes into it, so [at the class] we’ll be diving into why we go through these steps and how important they are in the [coffee-making] process.” 
The class will end with a coffee and chocolate pairing session, featuring chocolates from La Cascade du Chocolates of Hooksett, which supplies A&E with the dark chocolate sauce used in its mochas and other specialty drinks. 
“That part is just for fun,” Langmaid said. “It’s fun to taste how different coffees react and relate to different chocolates.” 
The June class is “How to Make the Perfect Cold Brew,” which will cover the basics of cold brew coffee, the various methods of making it and what kinds of coffees work best as cold brew, followed by a tasting to compare methods, blends and single origins. 
July’s class is “Super Simple Espresso,” which will teach the basics of espresso, the relationship between its components and how to make it, and the final class, in August, is “Latte Art Maestro,” about the science of milk steaming and how to use it to create latte art. 
In addition to the Coffee Boot Camp series, A&E plans to host new standalone classes on other topics including coffee roasting and demystifying tea. 
Langmaid said the classes are an opportunity for people who don’t work in the coffee industry to learn some of the same curriculum that is taught to A&E staff during training. 
“We’re taking this material that professionals use and we’re making it more inclusive and approachable,” she said. “You don’t have to be a coffee guru to appreciate this.” 

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