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May 30, 2020








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Participating restaurants/vendors

A & E Roastery (at Charles David Salon, 111 Union Square)
Amigos Mexican Cantina (at Wireless Zone, 207 Union Square)
Barley and Hops (at Son’s Chimney, 50 Nashua St.)
Bookside Café (at Free Spirit Boutique, 87 Union Square)
Café on the Oval / Francoeurs’s Cafe (at Café on the Oval, 285 Union Square)
Carole’s Cake Creations (at Town Hall Auditorium, 1 Union Square)
The Cozy Tea Cart (at Pastiche Boutique, 263 Union Square)
Foodee’s Milford (at Foodee’s, 167 Union Square)
Giorgios Ristorante (at The Garden Party, 99 Union Square)
Hill’s Home Market (at Antiques on the Oval, 227 Union Square)
Jade Dragon (at Town Hall Auditorium, 1 Union Square)
JM Princewell (at JM Princewell, 127 Union Square)
King Street Vineyard (on the Oval Green)
Nelson’s Candies (Flip Home Décor, 139 Union Square)
Olde Kilkenny Pub (outside at 30 Middle St.)
One Sweet Affair (at Stork Organic Baby, 273 Union Square)
Papa Joe’s Humble Pie (outside the Town Hall on Nashua Street)
Pasta Loft (at The Frame Depot, 227 Union Square)
Red Arrow Diner / J’s Tavern (at Hometown Insurance, 37 Union Square)
Scoops (at Scoops, 20 South St.)
Shaw’s - Lorden Plaza (at Town Hall Auditorium, 1 Union Square)
Subway - Lorden Plaza (at Constable Agency, 25 Union Square)
Sweet Cheeks Creations (at Town Hall Auditorium, 1 Union Square)
The Good Loaf / Dutch Epicure Bakery (at Town Hall Auditorium, 1 Union Square)
The Happy Butchers (outside at the corner of Middle Street and Union Square)
The Home Chef NH (at I Do Again Boutique, 263 Union Square)
Union Coffee Co. (at Town Hall Auditorium, 1 Union Square)
Vendura (at Forever Yoga, 19 Nashua St.) 
8th annual A Taste of Milford 
When: Friday, May 19, 6 to 8:30 p.m. 
Where: The Milford Oval / downtown 
Cost: $25 for adults and $12 for kids ages 5 to 12 in advance; $30 for adults and $15 for kids at the door (if available). Free for kids age 4 and under. 

A little of everything
Milford town tasting offers all kinds of samples

By Angie Sykeny

 Find out what’s cooking around Milford when the town’s annual tasting event, A Taste of Milford, returns on Friday, May 19. The event will feature 30 area restaurants, caterers and home food businesses serving food and drink samples at partnering shops and business storefronts in the downtown Milford Oval. 

“Not everyone knows about all of the great businesses and restaurants in Milford,” said Wendy Hunt, executive director of the Milford Improvement Team, which organizes the event. “These aren’t just chain restaurants. These are privately owned businesses and they all specialize in something different, so it’s a unique destination for dining and shopping.” 
A variety of food businesses will be represented, including Mexican, Italian and Chinese restaurants; classic American diners and pubs; bakeries and home bakers; markets and butcheries; cafes, ice cream shops, candy makers and more. 
Many serve samples of their most popular or trademark menu items. Others serve samples of new items and seek feedback from tasters to help them determine whether to add the items to their regular menus. Additionally, some participating restaurants will be giving out coupons or running specials for desserts or drinks at their main locations after the event. 
“We have the favorites every year, of course, but it’s not the same-old same-old. We encourage [the food vendors] to try out new dishes, so there’s a variety,” Hunt said. “If they have a new dish or a specialty that they want to do, this is an opportunity for them to introduce it to more than 700 people.” 
Ballot boxes will be placed around the event where tasters can vote for their favorite samples to win in five categories: Best Beverage, Best Appetizer, Best Entree, Best Dessert and Best Overall Presentation. Winners in each category will be awarded A Taste of Milford plaques. 
Hunt said that most people find themselves “stuffed” after eating about half of the samples, and that the best strategy for maneuvering the tasting is to map out beforehand a few different beverages, appetizers, entrees and desserts that you’d like to try. 
“From the really nice entrees all the way down to chicken wings, there’s something for everyone,” Hunt said.  

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