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Granite Game Summit board game expo. Courtesy photo

 Granite Game Summit 

When: Friday, March 9, 10 a.m., through Sunday, March 11, 5 p.m. 
Where: Courtyard Marriott, 2200 Southwood Drive, Nashua 
Cost: $65 for a three-day pass, $30 for a one-day pass 
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Board game convention comes to Nashua


 When the games get going at Granite Game Summit, they keep going, all day and all night. The three-day, 24-hour board game convention takes place Friday, March 9, through Sunday, March 11, at the Courtyard Marriott in Nashua. It could feature anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 games over the course of the weekend. 

Granite Game Summit was started in 2016 by board gamers Kimberly Revia, Kevin Craine and Mike Taylor. Craine and Revia met at a board game convention in Texas, and Revia and Taylor met through Twitter. When Revia introduced Craine to Taylor, the two realized they had met at a Game Jam event that Craine hosted a few years earlier. The three of them kept in contact on Twitter and eventually decided it was time to bring a board game convention to New Hampshire. 
“New Hampshire has historically always had a large board gaming scene,” Revia said. “There are game days and events with board gaming components, but there was a need for an organized event that was focused solely on board games.” 
The convention features an open-play format with tables lined up for playing and shelves along the walls to house the “game library.” 
A wide variety of games will be represented, including word games like Wordsy, strategy games like Century Spice Road, family games like ChromaCubes, heavy games like Pipeline, hobby games like Ticket to Ride and classic, well-known games like Battleship. 
“It opens up a whole new world when you realize that there are more board games than the 12 that you see in the Target aisle,” Taylor said. 
The games are provided by game developers and attendees willing to lend their games for the event. Gamers may select a game from the game library and bring it to a table, where they can play with their friends or with strangers. Volunteers will be working to connect players with each other and with players who can offer instruction on games to newbies. Gamers can also hold up a “players wanted” or “teachers wanted” flag at their tables, or find players and teachers using a customized Granite Game Summit hashtag on Twitter. 
“That’s one of the cool things about this event: you can almost guarantee that someone there has played that random game from Germany you want to play at least once,” Taylor said, “and the board game community is very helpful and patient. They’ll gladly spend 15 to 20 minutes teaching you how to play rather than making you read the [instructions] book for an hour.” 
In addition to the open play, there will be a number of organized games like a large group game of Codenames, a moderated Two Rooms and a Boom game and BYO word game; and tournaments for Diamonds, Nevermore, Game of 49, Dimension, Skull King, In Vino Morte, Neuroshima Hex and Ice Cool. Other special activities will include “Fancy Friday,” when attendees are invited to wear formal attire while gaming; Geeky Trivia; a pop-up escape room set up by Portsmouth Escape Room; a game minis paint-and-take; and a live recording of Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial podcast. 
Lastly, attendees will have a chance to meet 18 board game designers, local and beyond, and see demonstrations of new games in the “designers alley”  
“It’s something special and unique about our event and is a neat experience for people, because it’s not often that you get to learn about a game from the person who made it,” Revia said. “It’s a way for players and designers to have a personal connection and build community and support each other.”  

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