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Dig into an eggs benedict at Purple Finch Cafe in Bedford, which is No. 2 in the Best Breakfasts category in the Hippo’s Best of 2013 readers’ poll. Courtesy photo.

Beyond Bacon
Your top 25 breakfast joints


It seems like around every corner there’s a breakfast joint — a diner here, a coffee shop there — and they’ve all got your standard breakfast fare. But there’s more to the most important meal of the day than just bacon and eggs or coffee and toast. 
In the Best of 2013 readers’ poll, we asked voters to pick the best spots for breakfast. The top 25 vote-getters, presented here, each offer unique dishes, whether they’re twists on classics or something totally new — think carrot cake waffles, maple glazed ribs or egg scrambles with chicken, asparagus and crumbles of bleu cheese. 
“I think [breakfast in New Hampshire is] spicing up,” said Jeff Marshall, owner of Purple Finch Cafe in Bedford, where you’ll find menu items like the Texas Benedict, made of corn bread, homemade steak chili, hollandaise and jalapenos.
“Everybody I’ve talked to, whether it’s here or people that have come up from Massachusetts, what they say is, ‘We need something like this,’” Marshall said. “People are looking nowadays for something more than a diner, something more than an IHOP.”
The Hippo talked to the Top 10 breakfast restaurants about what makes them unique, and the Top 25 eateries filled us in on their most popular plates, classic dishes and breakfasts with a culinary twist.
1. The Red Arrow 
Best of the Best
61 Lowell St., Manchester, 
Most popular item: Stan the Man’s Favorite (two eggs, three pieces of bacon, choice of white, wheat, rye, sourdough, English muffin or bagel, pan-fries or shredded hash browns, beans or grits)
Classic comfort: Specialty omelets like the Arrow Omelet (diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, ham, mushrooms, cheddar cheese sauce) and Spanish Omelet (diced ham, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese sauce, salsa)
Culinary wake-up call: Famous Hashbrown Specials (shredded hash browns with grilled onions, and choice of meat, two slices of cheese melted over the hash browns, two eggs and toast); Ham and Cheese, Steak Bomb, Kielbasa, Chili or Veggie
Closing time: Never
Red Arrow fans know they can order up an omelet or a slice of pie at any time of day, even at 3 a.m. That’s part of what makes the 24/7 diner such a draw, said Red Arrow General Manager Dave McClellan. 
Breakfast at the Red Arrow Diner features a menu of classic diner comforts, but it’s also known for large portion sizes, if you want them.
“If you get into the male demographic, versus the female, we have the King [Moe], the Queen Dinah, and Dinahmite,” McClellan said. “Those guys with the bigger appetites, those are very popular for them.”
Included in each of the three breakfasts are eggs (any style), pancakes, sausage, bacon, pan-fries and toast. What makes each plate different is the amount served. Queen Dinah’s Full Breakfast comes with two portions of everything (two eggs over-easy, two pancakes, and so forth), King Moe’s Fuller Breakfast serves up three of everything and the Dinahmite Bursting Breakfast includes four servings of the above, and takes up two plates.
“I think what is really great about our menu is you can come and eat a lot if you want. Or, you can not. There’s all kinds of things on there,” owner Carol Sheehan said. “I think that we cater to a lot of palates.”
Other fan favorites at the Red Arrow Diner include the Famous Hashbrown Specials and sides of beans and toast.
“For a side item, that would be our number one go-to breakfast item,” McClellan said. “It’s literally over-pouring the dish that we serve it in.”
2. Purple Finch Cafe
Best of Manchester
124 S. River Road in Bedford, 
Most popular item: California Benedict (two poached eggs over grilled tomato on an English muffin topped with hollandaise and fresh avocado) or The Grill-Billy Benedict (two poached eggs over grilled corned beef hash on a grilled English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce)
Classic comfort: Deuces Wild (choice of two pancakes or two French toast slices, two eggs, two sausage links, two pieces of bacon and home fries)
Culinary wake-up call: The Bird’s Nest (two eggs cooked to order in a nest of shredded hash browns with bacon or sausage and toast)
Closing time: Breakfast served Monday through Thursday until 11:30 a.m., Friday until 11 a.m., and Saturday and Sunday until 2 p.m.
When they opened Purple Finch Cafe, owners Jeff and Julie Marshall wanted to share their love of New Hampshire and their love of local food.
“We were actually going to go into Concord, where I was from, and we were going to call it the Capital City Cafe,” Jeff Marshall said. “Julie and I were raised in New Hampshire, we love the state. … We wanted to be a very New Hampshire-based restaurant.”
“The purple finch is the state bird, so we try to source everything local here,” Julie Marshall said. “We go to the farmers market and get a lot of the products fresh, which does make a difference. We also use New Hampshire maple syrup.”
The breakfast menu includes classic plates like omelets and eggs benedict, but it’s hard not to find something without a fresh, culinary twist.
Da’ Bomb-let is a three-egg omelet stuffed with grilled buffalo chicken and bleu cheese crumbles and drizzled with ranch, and the Texas Benedict features ingredients like corn bread (instead of English muffins), homemade steak chili, hollandaise and jalapeno. If Mexican is more your style, try Bosco’s Breakfast Quesadilla (two eggs scrambled with grilled ham, onions, peppers and tomatoes in a grilled flour tortilla with sour cream and salsa).  
The menu also includes tea breads, parfaits with local organic granola and oatmeal served with berry purée and candied pecans.
3. MaryAnn's Diner
29 East Broadway in Derry, 
Most popular item: Eggs with bacon, ham or sausage, toast and home fries
Classic comfort: Pancakes
Culinary wake-up call: Raspberry steak tips and eggs
Closing time: 2 p.m.
Step back in time for breakfast at MaryAnn’s in Derry, where waitresses don poodle skirts and the walls are covered with 1950s and ’60s paraphernalia.
“We serve an awful lot of breakfast,” General Manager Jeff Beliveau said.
The full, three-page breakfast menu covers the basics, from Irish Eggs and egg plates with homefries to sausage and gravy and cinnamon Texas French toast.
More people will order eggs with bacon, ham or sausage, with toast and home fries than pancakes or French toast, Beliveau said. 
A popular treat for kids is the chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancake, but breakfast foodies will jump, jive and wail for the raspberry steak tips and eggs. The steak tips are from The Prime Butcher in Windham, and the marinade is a mixture of raspberry jam and barbecue sauce. 
The atmosphere provides a pop culture throwback in the downtown Derry diner, but Beliveau said that what customers really care about is the quality of the food and the service. Details are important to Beliveau, like the fruit salad. Rather than soaked in a sugary syrup it’s cut in the kitchen from fresh fruit.
“A good breakfast starts with the people that are cooking it,” Beliveau said. “It starts in the back with people who care.”
4. Chez 
136 Kelley St. in Manchester, 625-9660,
Most popular item: Maple cream banana crêpe
Classic comfort: Farmer’s Skillet (eggs, home fries, onions, peppers, bacon, sausage, ham topped with cheese sauce)
Culinary wake-up call: Breakfast Poutine (home fries with two eggs, Canadian curd cheese and poutine gravy)
Closing time: 2 p.m.
The menu at Chez Vachon is inspired by a French Canadian palate. Where else would the Canadian-favorite poutine get a breakfast makeover? Poutine is available on the lunch menu, but the breakfast poutine replaces fries with home fries with a side of eggs. Jessica Perkins, who owns the restaurant with her husband, recognizes the importance of serving specialty dishes like breakfast poutine.
“It brings a part of the culture that’s getting lost,” Perkins said. “Not just the French Canadians enjoy it. … I think that’s a big part of it, keeping the heritage alive.”
Other French Canadian specialties at Chez Vachon include pork pies, crêpes and Montreal-style smoked meat. 
The list of crêpe fillings includes both savory and sweet varieties, like peanut butter, honey, apples, bananas and strawberries. Premium fillings include Nutella (a favorite on the streets of Paris) and poutine cheese as well as bacon, sausage, ham, kielbasa and a variety of cheeses. 
“Our crêpes are huge,” Perkins said. “A good breakfast is something that is filling, comforting. … We specialize in good, hearty food.”
Omelets at Chez Vachon are baked in the oven for a fluffy egg consistency, and fillings include all varieties, like roast pork and broccoli or chicken cordon bleu.
Aside from its French Canadian specialties, the breakfast menu at Chez Vachon features plenty of other breakfast options like the Farmer’s Skillet, with a little bit of everything, sausage, biscuits and gravy, eggs Benedict and even chicken and waffles.
   “I think that everybody’s starting to move towards variety,” Perkins said. “When I think of the places here in Manchester, I can think of something special about all of them, something they do that’s different, that’s a signature.”
5. Julien's Corner Kitchen
150 Bridge St. in Manchester, 622-4044
Most popular item: Eggs Benedict (varieties are popular, like Florentine or prime rib Benedicts)
Classic comfort: Eggs with bacon (par-baked and grilled), sausage or ham, with grilled home fries
Culinary wake-up call: Sparabella (omelet with asparagus and portobello mushroom with hollandaise sauce) or prosciutto and asparagus omelet
Closing time: Breakfast ends at 11 a.m. weekdays, 1:30 p.m. weekends (closed on Mondays)
Julien Pepin, owner of Julien’s Corner Kitchen, has been making customers feel at home since 2000. Since then, the intimate breakfast and lunch restaurant has expanded to contain two dining rooms filled with ceramic roosters and other decorations that lend to the corner kitchen’s atmosphere.
“I should have named it ‘Country Kitchen,’” Pepin said. “Everyone comments on the atmosphere. … Customers when they walk in the door — regulars that have been coming here for a long time and newbies — they are constantly just always looking and looking. … Customers bring me knickknacks in — hens and chickens.”
Pepin is on hand in the restaurant, often preparing the food. On Sundays, he makes a special New York Style Omelet, like a frittata, and he is known to carry the pan out into the dining room for customers to see the dish. 
“I only serve that on a Sunday because it takes three or four hours to cook because I keep it on a low flame,” Pepin said. The New York Style Omelet is made with vegetables, imported ham, bacon and five cheeses in a large skillet, topped with tomatoes and chives.
Before opening Julien’s Corner Kitchen, Pepin’s background in the kitchen began flipping burgers for his grandfather when he was a teen. He has worked in a number of Manchester restaurants before opening his own.
Popular plates at Julien’s include omelets made with kielbasa and cheese or packed with fresh vegetables. Pepin said that the breakfast croissants are very popular, but the eggs Benedict fly out the kitchen — “I sell more of that than anything else,” Pepin said.
“I have had the most loyal, loyal, loyal customers that I’ve ever experienced cooking,” he said. “They appreciate the help that I hire. … Some know before they sit down their tea is there with lemon and ice water.”
6. Airport 
2280 Brown Ave. in Manchester, 623-5040,
Most popular item: The Doo Wop (two eggs with bacon, sausage or Canadian bacon, home fries or baked beans and toast)
Classic comfort: Eggs Benedict
Culinary wake-up call: Substitute any egg dish with Pete and Gerry’s cage-free organic eggs
Closing time: Midnight
Airport Diner, a Common Man restaurant, has everything a diner should: vinyl seats, a long counter, and a whole lot of comfort food.
“I think that breakfast really has in the past few years become a crossover meal,” Common Man CEO John Lion said.  
It’s a crossover meal, Lion said, because diners like breakfast foods no matter the hour. At Airport Diner breakfast is available from 5 a.m. to midnight. 
“Right now I think it’s more classic comfort and the family items. However, I think we’re on the cusp of a changing point,” Lion said about the breakfast scene in New Hampshire. “[At Lakehouse Grille in Meredith, another Common Man restuarant] it is more on the creative side, so we are definitely looking at items that we can introduce on our diner menus.”
The Doo Wop, The Cadillac (served with two eggs, two strips of bacon, two links of sausage, two buttermilk pancakes, home fries or baked beans and toast) and Hash N’ Eggs are the three most popular breakfast plates, Lion said.
“‘N Eggs” is common add-on to most of the plates on the breakfast menu at Airport Diner.  There’s Hash ‘N Eggs, Steak ‘N Eggs, Country Fried Steak ‘N Eggs and of course, Biscuits ‘N Gravy. What is unique is that customers can choose organic cage-free eggs from Pete and Gerry’s Farm in northern New Hampshire.
7. Republic
1069 Elm St. in Manchester, 666-6723,
Most popular item: Omelets
Classic comfort: Egg souffle (heavy cream, egg, pesto and marinara)
Culinary wake-up call: Spicy Bloody Mary
Closing time: Breakfast ends at 11 a.m. on weekdays, 2 p.m. on weekends
Republic owners Claudia Rippee and Edward Aloise knew when they opened the restaurant they wanted to source locally. In terms of breakfast, there’s one farm that produces the eggs, another that prepares the ham and one that produces the lamb for the ground sausage. 
“We’re a little bit outside the classic-comfort realm,” Rippee said. “Our omelets come with a side of local greens … mixed with house dressing, cucumber and tomato diced up. It’s not your traditional heavy, meaty, brick-in-your-stomach breakfast. You can get home fries but we try to mix it up and have a more European take on the whole breakfast scene.”
Granola is made by Rippee herself, served with a whole-milk tangy yogurt, and the egg souffle is popular, too — “We have people that are addicted to that,” Rippee said.
“A lot of the people that come here are looking for a lighter meal or a more authentic fresh product,” she said. “Most people in cafés like ours, in Europe, they’ll come in and have their espresso and they’ll have a croissant. A lot of the little cafés like this have pre-made sandwiches … mozzarella and pesto, prosciutto and fresh tomato.”
A certified local farm-to-table restaurant, Republic serves dishes from breakfast through dinner prepared with locally grown or raised all-natural ingredients. Rippee said that the eggs have a fresher flavor, and that when the omelets come out of the pan they are light yellow, cooked in olive oil or butter, and have a delicate flavor.
“We don’t have bacon, so that’s outside the classic there,” Rippee said. “The ham that we have is from Kelly Brook Farm over in Greenland, and we get the hams fresh from him. We have to drive them up to Canterbury and have them smoked. … The process for just getting the ham into the building is convoluted to say the least, but it makes a huge difference.”
8. Belmont Hall
718 Grove St. in Manchester, 625-8540,
Most popular item: Ham, made fresh every day
Classic comfort: Eggs Benedict (ham, poached eggs and hollandaise on grilled English muffins)
Culinary wake-up call: Hashbrown Special (served with ham, veggies, Florentine, kielbasa or even lobster)
Closing time: 2 p.m. (open until 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays)
Family values are important at Belmont Hall and Restaurant in Manchester, between the family recipes and treating diners like family, too.
“[Belmont Hall has] been in our family for three generations,” manager Laura Robitaille said.
Menu favorites include Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, served with hollandaise with a side of pan-fries, beans or hash browns. French heritage influences include crêpes, poutine specials and the Pork Pie Special, a family recipe served with three eggs and a side of brown gravy and cheese curds — “that’s a typical French one that a lot of our French customers order,” Robitaille said
   “We have everything from crêpes to our steaks. Every day is something different,” Robitaille said. “Each week our special board is always something new. We’re going with the fall season now, so pumpkin and apples. Every week we’re reinventing something.”
There are, of course, classic breakfasts like Belmont’s Big Breakfast (with three of everything), omelets and pancakes, but many plates have been reinvented with culinary twists. Try a Cranberry Walnut Pancake or Pulled Pork Omelet, for example.
The Apple Puff is a custard-like pancake, served with cinnamon and sugar. Similar to a souffle, the pancake rises in the pan to create a soft puff.
The most popular item on the menu is the ham, Robitaille said. Belmont Hall’s ham, available as a side and included in most dishes, is cut from a whole ham baked every day.
Grown-ups might be interested in the breakfast drink specials at the full bar, like mimosas, Bloody Marys and the Belmont Bellini (sparkling wine with orange juice and peach schnapps).
9. Parker’s Maple Barn 
Best of Nashua
1316 Brookline Road in Mason, 878-2308, 
Most popular item: Parker’s Special, available in Big (two pancakes, two eggs, two sausage, two bacon and ham, home fries and toast), Mini (one of everything) and Senior/Junior special (smaller portions)
Classic comfort: Belgian waffle with hot strawberries and whipped cream
Culinary wake-up call: Maple glaze Baby Back Ribs
Closing time: 2 p.m. on weekdays, 4 p.m. on weekends
Buddy the Elf would definitely enjoy Parker’s Maple Barn. The active sugar house produces maple syrup in the spring, and each table can get an 8-ounce tin of 100-percent maple syrup made right there at Parker’s. Even the baby back ribs get a maple makeover. 
“We slow cook them overnight, we glaze them with maple syrup — they glaze while they’re cooking in a tent to keep the moisture in. Even with barbecue sauce they have the maple flavor because they’re cooked in [maple syrup],” owner Ron Roberts said. “Bobby Flay was here [about seven years ago] and the two items he picked that he wanted us to show him were the ribs and beans.”
At Parker’s Maple Barn, diners can order stuffed French toast, made with two slices of French toast with a cream cheese center. Added to the stuffed French toast can be whatever is popular in the season, like pumpkin, raspberry or apple cinnamon. The regular French toast is made with cinnamon swirl toast, deep fried and grilled.
Ham and beans, waffles, Eggs Irish (with Canadian bacon and corned beef hash) and maple baked beans are some of the other popular breakfast plates, Roberts said.
The original property was once a dairy barn built in the late 1700s. Parker’s started with maple syrup in 1965, and additions have been made since.
“Most sugar shacks don’t have a restaurant,” Roberts said. “There are a few, more in Vermont than in New Hampshire. And they’re only open for the sugar season. We’re open until the Sunday before Christmas and then we shut down for five weeks and open before Valentine’s Day.”
Parker’s maple syrup is made with a wood fire evaporator — “the old-fashioned way,” Roberts said. They offer tours during the sugar season, but Roberts said he will often show interested diners the sugar house throughout the year.
“There’s a lot of maple sugaring paraphernalia in our restaurant, because that’s how we started,” he said. “It’s all about the maple. … Our tagline we used to use a lot was ‘old-fashioned, homemade goodness, the way it used to be.’”
10. Corner View Restaurant 
Best of Concord
80 South St. in Concord, 
Most popular item: Eggs Benedict
Classic comfort: Pancakes (blueberry, strawberry, chocolate chip)
Culinary wake-up call: Omelets (made with a variety of choices)
Closing time: 8 p.m. (open until 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays)
It’s all about the classics at Corner View Restaurant with Western omelets, fresh biscuits and basic favorites.
“Our eggs Benedict are very popular,” owner Arthur Thomas said. 
For over 30 years, Corner View Restaurant has provided the family-style breakfast with favorite dishes. Thomas added that the biscuits are a very popular item. They are available individually or as a side on any dish.
“It’s a basic, simple menu, but it’s an up-to-date menu with up-to-date quality foods,” he said.
The menu includes familiar omelets, like ham and cheese, veggie omelet and a Western omelet, but also varieties like Bobby McGee, with spinach, mushroom and feta, or Sugar Magnolia with green peppers, onions, sausage, marinara and cheddar).
Breakfast is all all-day affair at Corner View Restaurant, which few restaurants can accommodate. Diners can order a chocolate chip pancake at 8 p.m. on a Saturday or bacon and eggs for dinner on a weekday.
“It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting in my restaurant,” Thomas said. “Everybody knows everybody. … We never let a coffee cup go empty.”
11. Janie's Uncommon Cafe
44 Nashua Road, Unit 17, in Londonderry, 432-3100,
Most popular item: Uncommon Bennie (two poached eggs, cherry bacon, hash with peppers and onions topped with hollandaise sauce)
Classic comfort: #1 (one egg any style and toast, served with home fries or baked beans, and bacon, sausage or ham can be added), or #2, for two eggs any style
Culinary wake-up call: Eggs Benedict specials, with spicy chipotle aioli or Pot Roast eggs Benedict
Closing time: 2 p.m.
12. The D.W. Diner
416 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack, 424-1116,
Most popular item: The Classic (two eggs any style with bacon or sausage, home fries, hash browns or baked beans and toast) or eggs Benedict
Classic comfort: The Classic
Culinary wake-up call: International omelets (Irish omelet with corned beef hash, Greek omelet with baby spinach tomatoes, bacon and feta cheese, Mexican omelet, Italian omelet with sweet Italian sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes, spinach and provolone, or Polish omelet with kielbasa)
Closing time: 2 p.m.
13. CitySide Grille
25 Manchester St. in Concord, 227-0884,
Most popular item: Farmer’s Breakfast, Belgian Waffles or Mexican Omelet
Classic comfort: Farmer’s Breakfast (two eggs, two pancakes, baked beans, bacon, ham or sausage and home-baked toast) 
Culinary wake-up call: Build-your-own Omelet
Closing time: 2 p.m.
14. The Newell Post Restaurant
125 Fisherville Road in Concord, 228-0522,
Most popular item: Homemade corned beef hash or homemade sausage gravy and biscuits
Classic comfort: Farmers (three eggs, two pancakes, bacon, sausage and apples)
Culinary wake-up call: Specials on weekends (like crêpes, seafood omelet, or carrot cake waffles)
Closing time: 2 p.m.
15. Chiggy's Place
571 Mast Road in Goffstown, 838-6849 (New location!)
Most popular item: French toast (served with thick-cut bread and a side of cinnamon butter)
Classic comfort: Big M (three eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, home fries and a choice of pancakes, French toast, crêpes or waffles)
Culinary wake-up call: French toast specials (appear in daily specials with different breads, like blueberry bread, pumpkin bread or banana bread)
Closing time: 2 p.m.
16. The City Room Cafe
105 W. Pearl St. in Nashua, 882-5016
Most popular item: Mediterranean Omelet (artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes mushrooms and cheese) or Irish Benedict (made with corned beef hash)
Classic comfort: The Bonanza Breakfast (two eggs, choice of meat, home fries, pancakes or French toast)
Culinary wake-up call: Weekend specials (off-the-menu specials each weekend, like scramble of chicken, asparagus, roasted red pepper, mushrooms and bleu cheese)
Closing time: 1:30 p.m. (closes at 1 p.m. on Sundays)
17. The Windmill Family Restaurant
172 Loudon Road in Concord, 225-0600
Most popular item: Windmill Omelet (ham, bacon, sausage, onions, peppers and American cheese)
Classic comfort: Farmers Breakfast (two pancakes, two slices of bacon, two sausages, two eggs served with home fries)
Culinary wake-up call: Red, White and Blue Waffles (blueberries, strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream)
Closing time: Breakfast is served all day Monday through Thursday until 9 p.m., and Friday through Sunday breakfast ends at 2 p.m.
18. The Riverhouse Cafe
123 Union Square in Milford, 249-5556,
Most popular item: Pig Pile (house made sausage patty with local meat, between cheesy hash browns, cheese, with two eggs, fried onions and house sausage gravy)
Classic comfort: Barnyard (crumbled bacon and sausage with sauteed onions and Monterey jack cheese between two cheesy hash browns, with two eggs and sausage gravy)
Culinary wake-up call: Compost Heap (roasted vegetables with Monterey jack cheese, sliced tomato between two cheesy hash browns, two eggs, organic pea shoots, avocado and salsa verde)
Closing time: 2 p.m.
19. Cafe On The Oval
241 Union Square in Milford, 673-8599
Most popular item: #2 Special (eggs, choice of meat, potatoes) with cinnamon roll
Classic comfort: Two eggs with homemade meatloaf and pan-fries
Culinary wake-up call: Breakfast skillet with meat, scrambled in with eggs, pepper jack cheese with potatoes and toast
Closing time: 2 p.m.
20. Moe Joe's Family Restaurant
2175 Candia Road in Manchester, 668-0131 
Moe Joe’s Country Diner
649 E. Industrial Park Drive in Manchester, 641-2993,
Most popular item: Big Joe Breakfast (three eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, homemade home fries and choice of French toast, pancakes, or Portuguese sweet bread French toast)
Classic comfort: Homemade sausage gravy
Culinary wake-up call: Portuguese breakfast (Moe Joe’s home fries, with grilled peppers, onions and garlic, homemade Portuguese English muffin, grilled linguisa and two eggs)
Closing time: Family Restaurant stops serving breakfast at 1 p.m.; Country Diner closes at 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and serves only breakfast until 1 p.m. on weekends
21. Suzie's Diner
76 Lowell Road in Hudson, 883-2741,
Most popular item: House special (two eggs, three slices of bacon or three sausage links, home fries and toast)
Classic comfort: Hungry Man’s Breakfast (three eggs, two sausage links, two slices of bacon, two pancakes, home fries and toast)
Culinary wake-up call: Weekend or seasonal eggs Benedict or omelet specials (lobster eggs Benedict in summer, prime rib melt Benedict, salmon avocado California Benedict or a tailgate special omelet, with Italian sausage and grilled peppers and onions)
Closing time: 2:30 p.m.
22. The Bridge Café
1117 Elm St. in Manchester, 647-9991,
Most popular item: The Supremo (breakfast burrito with egg, cheese, meat, potato and veggies, served with salsa on white, wheat or sun-dried tomato wrap)
Classic comfort: Veggie Omelet (peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and cheddar, served with home fries and toast) or Greek Omelet (feta, spinach and tomato, served with home fries and toast)
Culinary wake-up call: Smoked Salmon Omelet (served with tomatoes, onions, capers, boursin, dill havarti, with home fries and toast)
Closing time: 5 p.m.
23. Midfield Cafe
83 Perimeter Road in Nashua, 594-0930
Most popular item: Banana nut bread French toast 
Classic comfort: Midfield Cafe Breakfast (eggs, meat, toast, pancakes or French toast and a side)
Culinary wake-up call: Breakfast Burrito (flour tortilla, salsa, cheese, sausage, eggs, peppers, onions and optional hots)
Closing time: 2 p.m.
24. The Red Arrow
63 Union Square in Milford, 249-9222,
Most popular item: Stan the Man
Classic comfort: Hashbrown Specials (pulled pork, pork pie, crab cake)
Culinary wake-up call: Queen Dinah Full Breakfast, King Moe’s Fuller Breakfast or Dinahmite Bursting Breakfast
Closing time: Never
25. The Friendly Toast
113 Congress St. in Portsmouth, 430-2154, 
Most popular item: New Hampshire’s Finest (scramble with local goat cheese, asparagus, scallions and bacon, served with home fries and homemade toast)
Classic comfort: Biscuits and Gravy
Culinary wake-up call: Ole Miss (cayenne-cheddar toast topped with sausage, mashed chipotle sweet potatoes, two scrambled eggs and mango sour cream)
Closing time: Breakfast ends at 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from Friday to Sunday the kitchen is open all day and night, closing at 9 p.m. on Sunday

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