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Celebrity chef Kevin Halligan, Local Eatery chef/owner, with his wife Gillian at the 2014 Restaurant Week kick off event.” Courtesy photo.

Restaurant Week New Hampshire

When: Friday, March 20, to Friday, March 27
Where: 103 participating restaurants and lodging properties statewide
Visit: to search by type of cuisine, region or price level
Follow the forks: Each location will have a fork icon that shows a price range for meals. 1 Fork represents $10 - $15 for lunch, $15 - $25 for dinner; 2 Forks represents $15 - $20 for lunch, $25 - $35 for dinner; and 3 Forks represents $20 - $25 for lunch, $35+ for dinner.
Restaurant Week NH Kick-off 
When: Thursday, March 19, 6 to 8 p.m.
Where: Tuscan Kitchen, 67 Main St., Salem
Tickets: $50 at the door. 21+ event only.
New Hampshire Restaurant Week runs from Friday, March 20, to Friday, March 27. See

Break out of your food rut
Try a new dish in a new town during Restaurant Week

By Allie Ginwala

Expand your horizons and explore other regions of the state, or even a restaurant you’ve never tried on the other side of town, during the fourth annual Restaurant Week New Hampshire, which runs from Friday, March 20, to Friday, March 27. 

“By the end of March, people will be ready to get out, and we think this is a great opportunity to get out and eat,” said New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association Marketing and Events Manager Margaret Joyce. 
Around 100 NHLRA members from across the state are taking part in this year’s Restaurant Week, including lodging establishments that may offer specials and deals with partnering restaurants. 
“[The goal] is to really make people understand the variety and the caliber of dining opportunities that are available here in New Hampshire,” Joyce said. “We have some incredible chefs who are doing some great creative work.”
Restaurants will be offering everything from prix-fixe menus to a selection of signature dishes and cocktails crafted specifically for this event. The idea is for patrons to eat outside of their normal restaurant repertoire and see what the state has to offer. The participating restaurants “run the gamut,” Joyce said, from small local joints to neighborhood delis to white cloth service dining. 
“It’s not just designed for people who are at a certain price level. We want families and young people to be able to go out and enjoy,” she said.
One way to get involved and find out what’s going on throughout the week is to visit for the list of participating locations. Do a search based on type of food, price range or region to see what’s being offered. As far as what each restaurant will provide for Restaurant Week, there is a lot of creativity and flexibility.
“We ask them to offer something special that’s not on their menu,” Joyce said, but other than that it’s up to the chefs. 
The price range will vary as well using the “fork system” (one fork representing lower cost meals, three forks representing higher end meals). One could enjoy a “one fork” meal at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth one night and a “three fork” meal at Copper Door Restaurant in Bedford later in the week. 
“We encourage people to go out more than once during Restaurant Week,” she said. 
The majority of Restaurant Week New Hampshire is free-form, choosing restaurants and regions on your own time, with the exception of the kick-off event on Thursday, March 19, at Tuscan Kitchen in Salem. This year’s seven celebrity chefs will be serving a signature dish while chatting with patrons. More of a “party or celebration,” Joyce said, the kick-off is a chance for guests to mingle, sample and get to know some of the chefs from their favorite restaurants. 
Malik Hammond, culinary director for The Common Man Family of Restaurants, will be a part of Restaurant Week New Hampshire for the first time but is very familiar with the concept. 
“I’ve participated in other restaurant weeks [in] my career in New Mexico and Washington State and Colorado,” Hammond said in a phone interview. “And it’s just a great opportunity to showcase the restaurants [and] the menus.”
One of the seven celebrity chefs for this year’s event, Hammond said all of the Common Man locations will offer a prix-fixe menu with different price ranges depending on the restaurant through the week. 
As far as the kick-off event, he’s still toying with what he wants to prepare. 
“I still haven’t decided what I want to put forth at the taster. … [I] haven’t totally ironed it out yet, but [I] want to do some homemade brown bread with house baked beans and a slow roasted pork belly, to tweak that classic a little bit.”
Kevin Halligan, chef/owner of Local Eatery in Laconia, will serve as a celebrity chef for the second year in a row, representing the farm-to-table style of his restaurant. 
“I think you just try to represent the restaurant community in the state and I think it’s put your best foot forward and really try to do something different and fun for everyone,” Halligan said in a phone interview.
During Restaurant Week, Local Eatery will offer three three-course meals, with fish, vegetarian, vegan and meat options. 
“So it’ll be a little bit more for everyone,” he said. “Gives people choice and you can come twice in one week and have different meals.” 
As seen in the March 19, 2015 issue of the Hippo.

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