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Oct 23, 2019








Pressed Cafe in Nashua opens. Courtesy photo.

Pressed Café

Where: 108 Spit Brook Road, Nashua
Call: 718-1250

Bridge extension
Former Bridge owner opens Pressed Café in Nashua


Nashua-area fans of Manchester’s The Bridge Café can now have their own Bridge favorites, like paninis, smoothies, juices and breakfast burritos, in the Gate City. 
Roi Shpindler, former owner of The Bridge Café, opened Pressed Café this summer in the Tara Commons on Spit Brook Road in Nashua. The menu features all the classic favorites from the Manchester café, plus new options.
“Pressed is an extension of The Bridge, basically,” Shpindler said. “But it’s more refined. … We took the best of the best out of The Bridge Café, basically, and only put that on the menu.”
That includes The Bridge (grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, pesto and balsamic reduction on ciabatta), The Medusa (crispy eggplant, spicy feta spread, hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, black olives in a wrap), and The Green Monster smoothie (almond milk, banana, almond butter, fresh kale and flax). 
Each are slightly different from their original inspirations, but there are Pressed Café originals too, like The Pressed panini (prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, pesto, with balsamic mayo pressed on ciabatta) and The Zohan (grilled chicken, hummus, avocado, house-made hot sauce, tomato and cheddar cheese pressed on ciabatta).
“Our breakfast burritos have been really popular here in Nashua,” Shpindler said. “There’s nowhere in town ― I can’t think of anywhere and I’ve lived in Nashua my whole life here ― you can get a fresh juice. Our juices and our smoothies I can say for sure I have never sold this many juices or smoothies at The Bridge Café.… We’ve been selling juice like it’s going out of style.”
Pressed is Shpindler’s culmination of his restaurant experience. He started his career in the restaurant scene at Cesario’s Pizza in Manchester before he opened The Bridge Café and Mint Bistro. Shpindler sold the two Queen City restaurants last year and began working on a new concept for Nashua, his hometown.
“Everything I’ve done has kind of lined up to this,” he said. “The look is what I wanted all the time. We wanted reclaimed wood, we wanted recycled. All our interior is done with barns that were basically broken down rather than cutting [new wood].” 
Although Pressed Café may have been inspired by years at The Bridge, the new Nashua eatery is quite different from the Queen City café. Pressed Café is open later, until 10 p.m., is located in a residential community and features a drive-thru.
“It’s nice to get food and coffee through the drive-thru. It’s a challenge for us to do this fresh type of food really quick,” Shpindler said. “One huge improvement from The Bridge Café that we’ve made is the coffee.”
Pressed Café uses coffee from George Howell Coffee, well-known for its brews in Boston 20 or 30 years ago. (“He now is looking for the best coffee around. He goes to all the farms,” Shpindler said.)
The menu at Pressed Café is also dedicated to fresh and healthy ingredients, with salsas and dressings made in-house. There isn’t even a fryolator in the building. 
Ultimately, Shpindler would like to turn Pressed Café into a franchise, but it’s not the fast food, processed type of chain, he said.
“I think there’s a need for something different in Nashua. I really hadn’t seen anything like this around here. And it shows. … It’s just been busy since Day 1,” Shpindler said. “We actually have a lot of Bridge customers that commute. After they go to The Bridge Café in Manchester, they come to dinner [at Pressed Café].” 

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