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May 24, 2020








Concord TV campers’ video projects go up on screen at Red River Theatres Aug. 24. Josh Hardy photo.

Concord TV Youth Video Camp Film Festival

Where: Red River Theatres, 11 S. Main St., Concord
When: Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 6 p.m.
Admission: $5, free for kids 14 and younger

Camp flicks
Concord TV, Red River host Youth Video Camp Film Fest

By Kelly Sennott

 The first Youth Video Camp Film Festival at Red River Theatres will showcase projects by Concord TV campers, ages 8 to 14, with topics ranging from film noir and silent movies to talk shows and commercials featuring fake products like time-freezing remote controls and invisibility spray.

“Everything we show at the film festival will be content kids created on their own. We provided the training and the resources — the video equipment, the green screen — but they came up with the ideas themselves. They’re the ones doing the storytelling,” said Josh Hardy, Concord TV training/production coordinator, via phone.
At the time of his interview, Hardy and the rest of the Concord TV staff were working to make sure every one of the 70-plus campers who participated would be featured in the screening in some way or another.
Concord TV has hosted camps since 2009, but this summer there was more interest than Hardy had ever seen before. All programs saw maximum capacity, 12 kids per session.
“That has never happened before,” Hardy said. “Since I started doing the camps in 2013, we’ve seen an uptick, gradually, in how many kids [attend] the camp. You have more and more kids who want to learn how to make videos, whether it’s for their YouTube channels or for live streaming webcasts.”
Concord TV Executive Director Doris Ballard came up with the concept of the festival months ago. There were two goals in mind — one was to showcase the kids’ work.
“We had all this really cool content from local area kids. We do air [the videos] on our channels … But we thought, how cool would it be to showcase their work [in a festival] and for kids to see the value of what they were doing?” Hardy said. “This is a unique camp experience. It’s different from a soccer camp, or one of those other types of camps. The kids are creating tangible products. … They love … being able to use the camera. They love being given assignments, meeting the challenge and then being able to watch it.”
Response has been extremely positive, Hardy said, among both kids and parents.
“I think a lot of the parents were even more excited than the kids,” Hardy said. “You send your kid off to soccer camp, and maybe you watch them play and get better, and there’s certainly value to that. But in this case, they’re making their own videos, which will be shown in a professional setting. Parents were blown away we were doing that.”
The other goal, he said, was to demonstrate the value of Concord TV.
“We want this to be a reminder to the community that Concord TV offers resources year-round, and not just for kids. We have classes for adults in studio training, and we have studio space where people can produce their own content,” Hardy said.
The children made the videos in groups of three or four, sharing acting and shooting jobs. The beginner campers learned the basics, while the more advanced focused on narrative — telling stories through music videos and films. They looked at conflict, plot, character and structure, and they learned what directors, producers, actors and writers all do in Hollywood and indie films.
This knowledge is helpful in filmmaking and, Hardy said, useful in everyday life.
“We wanted these kids to learn to communicate and tell stories. This will potentially make them better writers, better verbal communicators and teach them teamwork,” Hardy said.

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