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Sanders Fish Truck

• Bedford Farmers Market at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish Parking Lot (190 Meetinghouse Road), Tuesdays from 3 to 6 p.m.
• Concord Farmers Market at the Steeplegate Mall (270 Loudon Road) on Wednesdays, from 3 to 7 p.m., and on Capitol Street, next to the State House, from 8:30 a.m. to noon. 
• Everett Arena at 15 Loudon Road, Concord on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Contact and pre-orders: Call 436-4568 or visit

Catch of the day
Sanders Fish Market truck brings fresh product inland


7/11/2013 - For 18 years, Kris Sanders has brought the catch of the day inland to Concord and Bedford, with cut fish on ice and live lobsters in the back of her truck.
“I like it because I’ve done the fish market forever and now my nephew Mikey runs the store for me,” Sanders said. “People inland are wonderful. It’s just a whole different [experience] if you’ve been in the fish business as long as I have.”
The fish truck has been selling fresh fish at Concord’s farmers market since 1982, and it’s been a staple at the Bedford Farmers Market for the past 10 years or so. 
Most customers at the farmers markets walk up to the back of the truck to make a purchase, and some will ask Sanders for recommendations or suggestions on how to prepare the fish. She provides her own knowledge and has information sheets on hand with directions on how to bake, steam, poach, pan-fry, deep-fry, stir-fry, and broil or grill any of the fish and shellfish they sell.
“Fish is fast food, and it’s a lot easier than you think,” Sanders said. “They shouldn’t be afraid. It’s very easy.”
Some customers are unfamiliar with how to prepare and cook fish, and others aren’t sure what to think when they see the truck at farmers markets.
“I’m not really an impulse buy,” Sanders said. “I go to farmers markets for the first timer so usually I’m not a big hit. It’s something people have to think about.”
The fish truck keeps a stock of fresh fish on ice from Sanders Fish Market in Portsmouth, and typically carries a large variety of fish, including haddock, cod, mahi mahi, ocean-raised Farce Island salmon as well as wild King salmon, sand-free Maine steamers, dry local sea scallops, live lobsters, swordfish, trout, tuna and sole. Sanders also has frozen fish, like snapper, sea bass and chowder fish; frozen items like breaded crab cakes, gluten-free “ultimate” crab cakes, stuffed clams and lobster cakes. 
For easy and fast choices, Sanders offers prepared items like lobster macaroni and cheese, chowders, seafood and shepherd’s pie, salmon burgers and paté spreads of smoked salmon, smoked bluefish, langostino, crab dip and clam dip.
“For the cooked things to make it easy we have a cooked shrimp, hand-picked Maine crabmeat, and fresh-picked lobster meat. So, mixed with mayonnaise you have a salad right there,” Sanders said. “We make our own seafood stuffing; it’s good on anything — really good with mushrooms.”
“It’s hard when people say they don’t like fish,” Sanders said. “They may not like mackerel, but they may like haddock. It’s a bit like ‘I don’t like meat.’ It’s such a general thing.”
The fish arrives fresh at Sanders Fish Market in Portsmouth before it’s packed on the truck. Sanders records her sales on the truck and reports back in Portsmouth at the end of the day with a wish list of what she will need for her next trip to Bedford or Concord.
“We go to Boston probably five or six times a week in the mornings and get what we need. So we try to get as much local product as possible, but there are so many relay regulations,” Sanders said. “We’ve dealt with the same fish people since [the] 1950s. They’re good people. [Mike Sanders] brings the fish in and somebody packs it for me.”
Sanders also keeps an eye on the weather forecast. Rain and temperatures make a difference in what people order.
“It all depends on what the weather is — today it’s been haddock. If it was sunny and 85 [degrees] it would be all the steak fish like swordfish and salmon,” Sanders said. “It’s nice up here today, but it’s pouring rain in Portsmouth. They’re going crazy with the lobster rolls and warm clam chowder down there.”
Customers at the farmers markets tend to make walk-up orders at the truck, but Sanders recommends pre-ordering instead to guarantee you get what you want at the next market. Depending on the day, certain types of fish can sell out fast. 
“If there’s something that’s important, I can put it on the truck and keep it on ice until two minutes before we leave,” Sanders said. 
The fish truck can be found at the Everett Arena parking lot in Concord on Friday afternoons, the Concord Farmers Market twice a week and the Bedford Farmers Market. Sanders Fish Market is located at 367 Marcy St. in Portsmouth. 

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