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Aug 22, 2019








The Danny Boy crepe. Photo by Matt Ingersoll.

 Butter N’ Jam

Where: 449 Amherst St., Nashua 
Current hours (subject to change): Monday through Thursday, 8 to 3 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Contact: 943-7203, visit or find them on Facebook

Crazy for crepes
Butter N’ Jam opens in Nashua


 By Matt Ingersoll
A new eatery in Nashua is offering organic coffees that are hard to find in the Granite State and an extensive menu of crepes with nearly two dozen sweet or savory fillings.
Butter N’ Jam is now open on Amherst Street in Nashua. It’s the long-awaited project of owner Andrew Lawrenson of North Salem, who left a career in the auto financing business to pursue one making quick, fresh food.
“I always knew I wanted to do something different, but didn’t know what,” said Lawrenson, a Lowell, Mass., native. “I love coffee, and crepes are delicious, easy to handle, and are just like a cool vessel to show the creativity of the food. You can do just about anything with the crepe.”
Lawrenson came up with the idea for Butter N’ Jam when he researched other eateries in the immediate vicinity.
“I wanted it to be a place with a fast and friendly atmosphere you can stop in, get a cup of coffee, maybe get a nice little breakfast or lunch … or grabbing a snack or something on their way to or from work. I didn’t really feel like there was a place that existed like that around this area,” he said. “So then I thought of crepes, and I mean maybe you’d think of something basic like cinnamon and apples, but we wanted to put the best ingredients out there and make them different at the same time.”
Butter N’ Jam’s crepe menu options do include some traditional flavors, like banana and Nutella crepe or fresh fruit and sweet cream crepe. But there are all kinds of unique crepe fillings too, like crimson and gold (a red velvet crepe with diced beets, goat cheese and honey), spiced apple (with walnuts, white cheddar cheese and Chantilly cream) and the Taylor (with Cara cara oranges, dates, feta cheese, mint and serrano chili peppers).
The Danny Boy, a crepe filled with Fluff and peanut butter Lawrenson makes himself and tops with crunchy granola pieces and a side of coffee-infused whipped cream, is an homage to his best friend Danny Rogers, who died in 2015.
“That was his favorite sandwich, peanut butter and Fluff,” Lawrenson said. “So I wanted to have something that was kind of like in his honor.”
The crepe menu features savory fillings as well. There’s the Neville (filled with andouille sausage, bell peppers, olives, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and scallions), a breakfast crepe with Muenster cheese, eggs, candied bacon, mushrooms and sour cream, a Greek-inspired crepe called the Book of Eli that has feta cheese, garlic, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and Greek spices, the Alexander (filled with sauteed chicken breast, asparagus, fontina, mushrooms, roasted almonds, scallions and garlic), and a Big Mac sesame seed crepe with American cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce and bacon.
According to Lawrenson, you can order one 12-inch crepe or three smaller rolled ones, choosing toppings like Nutella, chocolate sauce, honey, cinnamon and sugar or banana butter.
Coffees are available hot, iced, nitro brew, and regular or nitro cold brew. All of them use Sunrise Blend, Italian Roast and other flavors from the New York-based Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters.
“Everything’s 100 percent Arabica, certified organic,” Lawrenson said, adding that made-from-scratch flavorings – no artificial syrups – will be used and bags of Keuka Lake ground coffee will likely be available for purchase in the near future.
The décor of the space is unique and includes hand-crafted and polished wooden tables with coffee beans inlaid underneath them, a piece of a 1950 Chevrolet Impala mounted on the side wall and converted into a light fixture, and an old fire extinguisher converted into a coffee dispenser. 
While Butter N’ Jam is starting out with coffees and crepes as its main palates, Lawrenson said he has big plans for the menu in the coming weeks and months.
“There will be protein shakes on the menu. I make my own almond milk from scratch that I’ll be using,” he said. “We also plan on putting in an oven that will literally change the whole dynamic. Then we can do healthy to-go lunches like grilled chicken sandwiches, rice bowls and things like that.” 

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