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Jun 3, 2020








Renee Trainor and Elizabeth McMullen can do your grocery shopping so you don’t have to. Courtesy photo.

Lettuce Shoppe

Deliveries available all day Mondays and Wednesdays and Friday afternoons and evenings.
Place orders with an 18- to 24-hour notice.
Where: Stores and farm stands in the Nashua area (up to 14 miles outside Main Street; mileage fees increase after 8 miles from downtown Nashua)

Delivered to your door
Lettuce Shoppe gets your groceries for you


 Renee Trainor and Elizabeth McMullen like grocery shopping so much, they’ll do it for you. Trainor and McMullen founded Lettuce Shoppe, a grocery shopping and delivery service in greater Nashua, back in February.

“Basically, this was an idea that Renee had come up with years ago and she always wanted to try,” McMullen said. “Whenever we tell somebody about what we’re doing, there’s always a lot of excitement involved. … We filled the niche before it came closer to our area. The closest [grocery service] that I know of is in Boston right now.”
“I know what it feels like to go on a Saturday morning when you’ve worked all week and you want to enjoy your weekend,” Trainor said. “We see the look on people’s faces when everything’s all taken care of. … You can’t buy time, but you can do things to buy time-saving.”
Just like any delivery service, you place an “order” on the Lettuce Shoppe website or by sending an email or calling with 18 to 24 hours’ notice. Compile a grocery list and specify which store you’d like Trainor and McMullen to shop at, and they’ll take care of the rest. For an added fee, Trainor and McMullen can even put your groceries away for you. Lettuce Shoppe offers deliveries on Mondays and Wednesdays all day and Friday afternoons and evenings.
For first-time clients, McMullen and Trainor set up a meeting to get to know them and their shopping preferences. Most clients have Lettuce Shoppe visit just one store, but some clients have lists for individual stores (which McMullen and Trainor said can be arranged for an additional fee).
“Finally they are opening a Whole Foods, which is a big hoorah for us,” Trainor said. “We have a Trader Joe’s, which is fantastic. … We found that our clients have their different preferences.”
“In general all of us have a specific store brand that [we’re] more comfortable with,” McMullen said. “Also what’s nice is we are very close to Hollis. One of our clients has us buy her produce at Lull Farm.”
Trainor has worked in restaurants since she was 14 and has a passion for cooking and healthy eating. Lettuce Shoppe offers
nutritional advice and can help with clients’ grocery lists by recommending new or alternative items. McMullen said that they would like to expand services to include meal planning and in-home cooking.
“We are a small business,” Trainor said. “We’re able to provide a service to people that they can get excited about.”
McMullen and Trainor said that it can also help you to save money and eat healthier.
“The wrong way to shop would be where you feel like you’re making guilty purchases,” Trainor said. “When you’re making a list, you’re avoiding all those impulse buys.”
“One of the biggest mistakes we can make as a consumer when you go into the grocery store is to go in without a list,” McMullen said. “We notice that when people use delivery services, they end up making healthier choices, and they also end up saving money.”
At first, McMullen and Trainor originally thought that busy professionals or working moms would be part of their core clientele, but young male professionals and the elderly are also opting for Lettuce Shoppe. They’ve noticed that each type of client has a different shopping routine.
“For those that are busy moms, they want those weekly staples,” Trainor said. “It seems like they all have their thumbprint of what they like to buy, and then there’s the added extra [on the list], like strawberries sound nice this week.”
“You start to get to know their habits and their needs,” McMullen said. “It’s a nice relationship that we get to build with our client.” 

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