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Jun 3, 2020








Concord Craft Brewing Co. Courtesy photo.

Concord Craft Brewing Co.

Where: 117 Storrs St., Concord
Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 3 to 6 p.m. 
Contact: 856-7625,

Downtown brews
First craft brewery opens in downtown Concord

By Angie Sykeny

 Downtown Concord just welcomed its first microbrewery thanks to a married couple from Hopkinton with a passion for craft beer.  

Dennis Molnar and Beth Mayland have been homebrewing together for years and have traveled just to explore new microbreweries and brewpubs. Throughout the course of their visits, particularly to breweries in a downtown setting, it occurred to them that their neighboring city of Concord was lacking a brewery in the downtown area. 
“It became our vision to bring a microbrewery there,” Molnar said. “Our goal isn’t to sell six-packs at a supermarket. It’s to sell kegs to downtown restaurants and bars and have a tasting room here where people can come taste our beer first, then go to a restaurant for a full pint and a meal.” 
Finding a downtown location that could accommodate bulky brewing equipment, adequate storage space and an onsite tasting room wasn’t easy, but in March of last year, after months of looking, they settled on a mill building on Storrs Street just a couple blocks off North Main Street. On Jan. 20 they opened the doors to Concord Craft Brewing Co.
The front section of the building is occupied by the tasting room, which features a 16-foot bar seating up to 23 people and will eventually have eight beers on tap. The tasting room, as well as a brewery retail store, is open Wednesday through Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. Behind it sits the 15-barrel, steam-powered brewery, of which there are guided tours at 3 p.m. every day that the tasting room is open. 
“Of the people who have come in so far, one of the first things I’ve heard them say is, ‘Concord has needed something like this,’” Molnar said. “People have been really excited about it.” 
By two weeks after its opening, the brewery had five beers on the lineup: a flagship traditional English IPA, a Kolsch German golden ale, a classic porter, a red ale and a session IPA. 
Rather than specializing in a certain style of beer, Molnar said the brewery’s “style” is to offer a variety of beers that are “balanced — full-flavored, but not over the top.” 
“We try to brew without being too one-dimensional,” he said. “Beer drinkers have very different tastes, so our goal is to make a broad range of styles with something that every beer drinker will like.” 
Beyond that, he said, the brewery’s driving focus is a commitment to freshness. It’s one of the biggest reasons he and Mayland were adamant about opening the brewery in downtown; brewing in small batches, partnering with neighboring bars and restaurants and having an accessible, on-site tasting room at the brewery helps to reduce the amount of time between when the beer leaves the tanks and when it’s poured into the glass. 
“A lot of people just pick up a six-pack sitting on a shelf … but beer is perishable,” Molnar said. “They say it’s best consumed within three to six months, but to be honest, it’s best on the day it’s brewed. It changes every day after that. People are always surprised at how crisp and clean the flavors are when they try a beer that’s fresh.” 
Concord Craft Brewing Co. beers are available in various forms at the brewery store, on tap in the tasting room, at select retail stores and at a growing number of bars and restaurants in downtown Concord. Beer release dates and a list of establishments where the beers can be found are posted on the brewery website.

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