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May 24, 2020








Flower power
What’s blooming in New Hampshire


Flower: Pansy

When to plant it: They like the cool weather. With all the snow, one could enjoy them inside a little bit and then bring them outside.
When it blooms: Blooms in the spring. Ready for sale by the end of March. They keep blooming through June. They aren’t as vigorous in the heat of summer; they will come back in the fall, and die at the end of fall.
Better inside or outside? More of an outdoor plant. Window boxes, planters or in the ground.
Tips to care for it: If you keep them deadheaded (when the flower is done flowering, you take it off the plant), it’s not going to go to seed. This will encourage more bloom.
Flower: bulbs (tulips, crocuses & daffodils)
When to plant it: Plant them in the fall and they appear in spring in the yard. One can also get them in pots around the beginning of April. Their foliage is gone by the end of June.
When it blooms: In the ground, they bloom in May or early June. Goes away in the summer and returns following spring.
Better inside or outside? Outdoors.
Tips to care for it: Give them a good bulb fertilizer. After they are done blooming, you can cut back the dead blossom so the energy goes into the bulb and not the seeds. Leave the leaves after the blossoms are gone and let die back to the ground. You can fertilize them after they bloom.
Flower: kalanchoe (pink, red, orange, yellow or white)
When to plant it: Year-round. In spring it provides a nice burst of color in the house. 
When it blooms: It blooms off and on. It comes into bloom, and then goes to leaves and comes back after a couple of months.
Better inside or outside? Inside
Tips to care for it: Keep it in a good sunny spot. Does not need to be watered a lot.
Flower: dianthus (mostly pink, can be white or red)
When to plant it: Whenever you can work the soil, spring, summer or fall.
When it blooms: Blooms in May, dies back in late fall and winter. It’s a perennial, so it will come back.
Better inside or outside? Outside
Tips to care for it: Water it to get it established, and then it shouldn’t need much else. Compost is good for it.
Flower: million bells (different colors, bright)
When to plant it: Put out after the last frost, generally around Memorial Day.
When it blooms: Blooms all season, from May right to frost.
Better inside or outside? Outside
Tips to care for it: If it’s still cold at night, bring inside overnight only before the last frost. Fertilize it to keep the blooms coming because it is a pretty heavy seeder. It likes to be kept moist, not too much water, not too dry. Great for window boxes, planters, hangers, anywhere you want color for the whole season.
Flower: lupin
When to plant it: Spring, summer, fall, anytime you can work the soil.
When it blooms: It blooms in early June. It dies back in late fall.
Better inside or outside? Outside
Tips to care for it: It wants to be in the full sun. It is a perennial, so once planted, it will come back every year. Keep it moist when you first plant it for the first year. It should not require supplemental watering after that, as long as there is no drought.
As seen in the March 19, 2015 issue of the Hippo.

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