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(Left to right) Misty Christian, Wendy Sharpe & Lindsay Levine dance at a previous Mom Prom Nashua. Courtesy Photo.

5th annual Mom Prom Nashua

Where: Alpine Grove Banquet Facility, 19 South Depot Road, Hollis
When: Saturday, April 11, 7 to 11:30 p.m. 
Cost: $65, tickets available for purchase online through Friday, April 10

Girls’ night out
Big hair and tacky dresses at Mom Prom

By Angie Sykeny

Relive the days of big hair, fluorescent makeup and mile-high shoulder pads at the 5th annual Mom Prom Nashua, held at Alpine Grove Banquet Facility in Hollis on Saturday, April 11, at 7 p.m. 

Women are invited to a night of dancing, food and cocktails, photo booths and games, all in the tradition of a classic high school prom. 
Proceeds from the event will benefit the St. Joseph Hospital Breast Care Center in Nashua.
“Mom Prom is about women getting together, having a fun night out and raising money for a charity close to their hearts,” Kelsey McCormick, co-founder of Mom Prom Nashua, said.
Be sure to attend in an old prom dress, bridesmaid dress or thrift shop gem — the brighter, poofier and sillier the better. There will be a winner for “tackiest dress” of the night.
“It’s unbelievable some of the dresses that have been hiding in closets,” Katie Long, co-founder of Mom Prom Nashua, said. “It’s fun to hear the stories behind the dresses if someone really did wear it to their prom or someone’s wedding.”
Want to sport that perfect Cyndi Lauper hairdo? From 3 to 6:30 p.m., Salon Pure of Chelmsford will be at the Nashua Holiday Inn doing hair and makeup for Mom Prom-goers. The salon has partnered with Mom Prom every year, but this is the first year it will be bringing its services to the hotel so women don’t have to drive to Chelmsford before prom.
“It makes it more like a real prom day to get your hair and makeup done and have fun before prom,” McCormick said.
Providing the music will be DJ Grandaddy Don, who has been offering his DJ skills at Mom Prom Nashua since its first year. Expect to hear all the ’80s prom classics as well as some modern tunes. The prom also welcomes its first professional emcee this year, Ryan Cormier, who will be donating his time to the event.
To capture all the fun, there will be complimentary photo opportunities with AJ Photobooths and, new this year, TapSnap. With TapSnap, you can take photos with a variety of digital backgrounds and props and even upload your photos instantly to social media.
“The hit of the night tends to be the photo booths,” McCormick said. “Everyone has a blast, and you’ll see people who were at the photo booth back in line 10 minutes later. It really spices up the night and adds some fun and humor.”
You can also get your photo with one of the “prom dates” — cardboard cutouts of hunky celebrities such as Elvis, Fabio, David Hasselhoff and Patrick Swayze. Each year, the prom welcomes a new surprise celeb.
Though Mom Prom is “beyond high school and popularity contests,” Long said, it wouldn’t be a prom without a prom queen. A silly game will determine the queen, who will get to come up and accept her flowers and crown in the traditional fashion.
There will be other fun contests throughout the night as well as raffles, with over 90 percent of the prizes being from local businesses.
Prom tickets include dinner: chicken with roasted potatoes, salad and some simple appetizers, and one free cocktail. A cash bar will be available for the duration of the evening. Dessert will be catered by Creative Cakes by Debby of Nashua and Orange Leaf, which is donating 250 cups of frozen yogurt.
A block of hotel rooms is reserved at the Nashua Holiday Inn for prom-goers, and a shuttle bus service is available to and from the banquet hall.
Best friends Long and McCormick started Mom Prom Nashua after Long’s sister, Betsy Crapps, created the first Mom Prom in Canton, Michigan, in 2006. 
After receiving attention from media sources such as ABC News, Fox News, CBS News and the Morning Show, Mom Prom became a national movement with over 50 proms held around the country to benefit a variety of charities.
Last year’s Mom Prom Nashua had 275 attendees and raised $18,375.
A representative from St. Joseph will attend the prom and give a short speech about the fight against breast cancer and what the proceeds from the event will be used for.
“Breast cancer touches everyone in some shape or form, so we thought it’d be a good charity to choose,” McCormick said. “As much as the whole night is a blast and everyone’s having fun … we want everyone to remember why they are there.” 
As seen in the April 9, 2015 issue of the Hippo.

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