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Pat & the Hats. Courtesy photo.

Market Days Music

When: Thursday, July 17, through Saturday, July 19
Where: Bicentennial Square and other locations in Concord
Bicentennial Square - Homegrown Stage
2 p.m. Lil’ Penny
3 p.m. Chris Peters Songs
4 p.m. The Dobros
5 p.m. The Ghost Dinner Band
6 p.m. Boogie On Alice
8 p.m. The ShArDz
Eagle Square - Tandy’s Top Shelf
4 p.m. Will Kindler
5 p.m. Jake McKelvie & the Countertops
6 p.m. David Shore’s Trunk O Funk
7 p.m. Axis Band
Main Street - Tandy’s Top Shelf
2 p.m. Mikey G
3 p.m. Kenny Weiland
4 p.m. Mari Harvest
6 p.m. Lauren Hurley
Bicentennial Square - Homegrown Stage
Noon David Michaels
1 p.m. Lauren Hurley
2 p.m. Brad Myrick
3 p.m. Kenny Weiland
4 p.m. David Shore’s Trunk O Funk
5 p.m. Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio
6 p.m. Rippin’ E Brakes
8 p.m. Holmes
Eagle Square - Tandy’s Top Shelf
2 p.m. The Oddball Out
5 p.m. Delanie Pickering
6 p.m. Day Janeiro
7 p.m. Rachel Vogelzang
7:30 p.m. Day Janeiro
8:30 p.m. Steve Chagnon
9 p.m. Day Janeiro
Main Street - Tandy’s Top Shelf
1 p.m. Don Bartenstein Music
3 p.m. Hank & Chas
4 p.m. Ryan Deachman
5 p.m. Brad & Mercedes
Bicentennial Square - Rocking Horse Studio Presents
11 a.m. Meg Josalen Music
Noon Tristan Omand
1 p.m. Rachel Vogelzang
2 p.m. Black Agnes
3 p.m. Mines of Paris
4 p.m. Will Kindler with Rocking Horse Studio House Band
5 p.m. Rocking Horse Studio All-Star Jam (Mari Harvest, Mike Morris, Chris Peters, George Laliotis, and William Edward McGee along w/RHSHB)
6 p.m. Pat & the Hats
8 p.m. Dusty Gray Band
Eagle Square - Tandy’s Top Shelf Presents
11 a.m. The 123’s
Noon Rippin’ E Brakes
1 p.m. Them In The Hive
2 p.m. The Must
3 p.m. Coden
4 p.m. TheColorOrange
5 p.m. Visions of Music
7 p.m. Tandy’s Rocks V: Quarter-Finals
Main Street - Tandy’s Top Shelf Presents
11 a.m. Georgia Bowder-Newton (of Pokey Little Room)
Noon Steve Chagnon
1 p.m. John Burlock Music
2 p.m. Will Hatch
3 p.m. Brad Myrick
4 p.m. Concord Coachmen
5 p.m. Gary & Friends
6 p.m. Lauren Hurley
7 p.m. The 123’s

Happening Hats
On stage at Market Days

By Michael Witthaus

 The Market Days Music Festival features a solid array of local talent performing on multiple stages over three days, capped by a Saturday afternoon showcase from musicians affiliated with Rocking Horse Studio. Dusty Gray Band, Rachel Vogelzang, Tristan Omand and Mike Morris are among the performers appearing that recorded at the Pittsfield facility over the past year. 

The band of the moment, though, is Pat & the Hats, hot on the heels of its debut album, Fake It Till You Make A Hit, done with Rocking Horse producer Brian Coombes. Patrik Gochez and his mates in the Hats — Brenden Harisiades and Bobby Rice — met Coombes in September 2013 at the last studio showcase. 
The record is both hook-filled and impossible to pigeonhole, a work spanning the rock spectrum, from the raucous opener “Daddy’s Song” to the jangle pop of “Wake Up and Fly.” There are moments both soulful and playful — “Love and Abandon” and “Woah Mama” respectively. Ultimately, every track stands apart on this anti-concept album (though the “Hey Jude, Part 2” chorus of the disc-closing “Time Spent Waiting” gives an indication of where their hearts lie).
With the addition of Scott Solsky on guitars, keyboards and vocals and Brittany Gochez (Patrik’s sister) singing backup, the trio is now a five-piece. Coombes helped out during the sessions, playing some of his favorite gizmos — Therevox, Moog Taurus Pedals, Optigan. Rocking Horse studio band members were also drafted, along with a big name from Boston: Cars keys man Greg Hawkes, who added signature licks to four of the 13 tracks.
During a listening party, Gochez noted that the songs are both new and old, some from over seven years ago. “It’s scary, because you’re always in love with the new thing you’ve written,” he said. “But these guys were able to breathe new life in to what I sometimes thought was a ghost.”
Gochez relished making his first studio album with a band — 2012’s Heavy Loader was a solo effort. 
“I’ll enjoy a great film or a great dish alone,” he said, “but to share the experience with those you love and respect magnifies the excitement by 10.”
Coombes reported that the sessions are among the most good-natured he’d ever done. At one point engineer Josh Kimball wondered aloud if they were being punk’d by the happy campers. 
“They are good, talented, confident and open-minded,” he said.
Newest member Solsky echoed Kimball’s sentiments. 
“No egos, unlike a lot of studio sessions where people are protective of turf,” he said.
He began sitting in toward the end of last year, giving the already potent group a new dimension. They made a name playing live; at one of their first festival appearances, a local scenester proclaimed, “They went from unknown to the best band in the state in one day.”
He’s not the only one singing praise to Pat & the Hats — they made the Best of 2014 Hippo readers’ poll and a few other local top five lists, in addition to playing the local headliner spot at this year’s Granite State Music Festival. Upcoming high-profile gigs include the three-day Campfire festival at the end of August, where they’ll share the stage with Charles Bradley, Lake Street Dive, and Delta Spirit. There are a few more in development.
Response to the new record is encouraging. 
“The immediate future is looking busy, [which is] some indication of how it’s being received,” said Gochez, adding that the stream of kudos is nice. “That being said, you know us — an award for best new band means we have to actually be the best new band, so we relish in our accomplishments for a few minutes ... maybe have a few drinks and then get back to tightening up.” 
As seen in the July 17, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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