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May 29, 2020








Ideas to help live long and prosper

By Allie Ginwala

Help your loved ones have a healthy new year with gifts that encourage them to get active and keep that immune system going strong.

Eat well, be well
A consultation with a nutritionist or dietician is beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about eating well and taking care of his body.
Registered dietician/nutritionist Hilary Warner of NutritionWorks! in Concord helps people “figure out a way to eat that is consistent with their values and beliefs and philosophy about living.” Speaking with a nutritionist can help people learn to listen to their bodies and do what’s best individually, not what society says they should be doing. Society doesn't make eating a joyous experience, Warner said. She wants people to know that isn’t how it has to be. 
Good recipients for the gift of a nutritionist consultation might be a chef who wants to learn ways to modify their cooking or an athlete who needs to balance physical activity with eating. 
“A promising athlete who has all this coaching and camps ... often might neglect the nutrition side of things,” Warner said. 
Sure, the Internet may have the latest fad diet or tricks to get healthy fast, but it is not as thorough as meeting with a professional in person. 
“When you meet with a registered dietician, that person is trained to do a comprehensive assessment and incorporate family history and supplement [information],” Warner said. 
Consultations all depend on what each individual is looking for. Warner will do one-time visits as well as four-hour packages that include an initial assessment and two follow-up appointments. 
“Some people are good to go with one visit … talking about what to do different,” she said. 
This kind of person would be a great recipient for a nutritionist consultation gift certificate.  
Sweat to the beat of a different drum (or gym)
Break out of the same old workout regime with a gift card or membership to one of New Hampshire’s alternative gyms.
Give someone a taste of the climbing life with a gift card to an indoor climbing gym. Grab a harness and try top roping and lead climbing on the tall walls or freestyle with no ropes for bouldering on shorter walls at Vertical Dreams ( in Manchester and Nashua or Evo Rock + Fitness ( in Concord. Both gyms offer gift cards for purchase online or in store.
Another fun, alternative option is Cycle Fierce ( indoor cycling studio in Portsmouth. A gift card for a package of instructor-led rides would delight both beginner riders and avid cyclists. 
Building Fitness for Women ( in Pelham is a women-only gym for those ladies looking to take cardio classes in a small and friendly gym environment. Zumba, cardio combat, boxing and kickboxing, and circuit training classes are offered on a monthly basis. No contract needed. 
Buckle down for an intense strength and conditioning workout at CrossFit gym. Individual and group classes are offered at CrossFit New Hampshire ( in Manchester, Granite State CrossFit ( in Manchester and CrossFit TUFF ( in Nashua.
Say adieu to cold and flu
Help someone prepare for cold and flu season with the gift of a cold remedy kit filled with must-have items to stave off germs this winter. Most of what you’ll need for the kit can be found at a drugstore, making it easy to assemble for an older family member or all of your friends. 
Start off with a colorful bucket or basket that’s big enough to hold an assortment of medicines and comfort that can combat the common cold. Airborne and Cold-EEZE help keep the immune system strong and shorten the duration of a cold, so toss those in for preventative action. Since you can’t always keep the colds at bay, add fever and pain relievers with acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin. Cough syrup, throat lozenges and nasal sprays keep the airways clear while working through a cold. 
Give a little comfort as well with a can of soup or a package of assorted hot teas with lemons and a bottle of honey to help warm from the inside out. To finish off your kit include items like portable hand sanitizer, a thermometer, chapstick, and a hot water bottle. Throw in an eye mask to help get a full eight hours and don’t forget lots of tissues! 
As seen in the December 11, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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