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Jun 2, 2020









 Market Days music in downtown Concord

Homegrown Stage
Thursday, June 21
The Youngest Sun, Evidence Lies, Varsity Material, Supernothing, Crawl Space, Sensitive Men, Hank & Chaz, Madison Simpson
Friday, June 22
Dusty Gray Band, Will Hatch & Co., Diamond Joe, Chris Peters Band, Matt Poirer, Chelsea Paolini, Rhythm Crazies, Lil’ Penny, Don Bartenstein
Saturday, June 23
Trade, Trunk of Funk, Dopamine, Band Band, From the Earth, Elden’s Junk, Hometown Eulogy, Lucas Gallo, Joe Messineo
South Stage
Thursday, June 21
Hometown Eulogy, Andrew of the North, Bossy Joe, Freese Brothers, Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, Oswald’s Magic Bullet
Friday, June 22
Taiko Dojo Drums, Sensitive Men, Delaney, Cricket Blue, Ryanhood, Front Country, Jack Broadbent, The Huntress and Holder of Hands
Saturday, June 23
In the Field Irish Dancers, Hoonah, Mr. Aaron, Ethyric, Heather Maloney, Matt Nakoa, All Our Exes Live In Texas, The Sea The Sea
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Local showcase
Market Days Homegrown Stage offers region’s best


 By Michael Witthaus
Along with highlighting downtown Concord businesses and area artisans, the 44th annual Market Days Festival has a lot of music. A South Street stage presented by the Capitol Center for the Arts welcomes a slate of indie acts like The Sea The Sea and The Huntress & Holder of Hands, singer-songwriter Heather Maloney and English slide guitar master Jack Broadbent, among others.
The three-day event kicks off on Thursday, June 21, with local Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki and his trio. The fiddler is a mainstay on the New Hampshire music scene, and he’ll also appear with Dusty Gray Band when they perform on Friday, June 22, on in Bicentennial Square.
Back in the late oughts and early teens, Tirrell-Wysocki was a member of JamAntics, a beloved group that’s splintered into a few different entities since disbanding a few years ago. Lucas Gallo, the group’s rhythm guitarist and singer, still plays occasionally and will do a solo set on the Festival’s final day. He also helps bring acts to the city; he and old bandmate Eric Reingold will again curate the Homegrown Music Stage this year.
The 24 acts spread across the festival’s three days provide a great example of a vibrant local music scene. In a recent phone interview, Gallo said that the top-billed acts on each of the festival’s three days reflect a different focus. 
“Thursday is a little jammier, while Friday night is more bluegrass, acoustic country feel,” he said. “Saturday we’ll have much more of a funk and rock feel.”
The final day’s closing set is also a CD release show. Trade, a soulful septet that includes Scott Solsky, George Laliotis, Chris Noyes and other veterans of the Concord music scene, will unveil its debut record. They’re preceded by 1990s tribute band Elden’s Junk, power trio From the Earth, Band Band, Dopamine and Trunk of Funk.
As in past years, the Homegrown Stage is located in Bicentennial Square near two of the Capitol City’s most active venues for local music, True Brew and Penuche’s. The latter will host after parties each night: Fiesta Melon plays Thursday, Cold Engines appears Friday and Evidence Lies wraps things up on Saturday.  True Brew and nearby Margaritas will have their patios open for outdoor music viewing. 
Most of the acts are local, with a few exceptions.
“The majority of the music on the Homegrown Stage ought to be from the Concord area,” Gallo said. “Then of course we always like to pull from around the state as well, and if there are bands that play in Concord on a regular basis … we certainly want to tip our hats to them as well.”
The long running cultural exchange between Concord and Peterborough is represented by Band Band, formed in the wake of Ghost Dinner Band, a group that Cooper Leafe helped bring to the city at decade’s turn. 
“Coop and I go way back [and] he’s kind of got his finger on the pulse down there,” Gallo said. “He’s always been a great partner.”
Other highlights include opening day sets from Sensitive Men, Supernothing, Evidence Lies and The Youngest Sun. Will Hatch, who released one of the year’s best CDs so far, plays with his band, part of a Friday trifecta that includes Diamond Joe and the Dusty Gray Band.
Appearing early in the day Friday is Rhythm Crazies, doing a reunion show. 
“They were a local Concord band probably 20 years ago,” said Gallo, “So they reached out and wanted to reunite and play on the stage.”
Although Eric Reingold is a member of several bands, including People Skills and Cold Engines, he’s limiting his playing time to the Friday after party. 
“He’s played with all of his bands over the years on the Homegrown Stage, so I think he was giving it a little bit of a break for some of the other bands to step in,” Gallo said.
With three young children, Gallo himself is more focused on work and family but still relishes an occasional return to the scene. 
“It’s fun; I get to play, book and organize it,” he said. “Reingold and I have worked so hard over the years to build it into its own animal so to speak, so I don’t want to let it go quite yet.” 

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