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More Space
Ideas to help live the organized dream

By Allie Ginwala

Give a gift that will provide more space and also more peace of mind and time for your recipient to focus on other things.

Get organized
Tackle a project and learn tips and tricks to stay organized in the future with a gift certificate for an appointment with a professional organizer. The National Association of Professional Organizers Greater Manchester Chapter ( has certified organizers who offer a range of services, such as hands-on organizing and individual time management coaching. Most organizers do projects of all sizes, anything from a kitchen junk drawer to an entire home. 
“A lot of people think, ‘We should be able to do it ourselves,’” said Lorraine Falcone of Naturally Organized. “[But] it’s the support of a group or a specialist that might make it easier, not such a struggle.”
Kristina Newbold of Life Simplified of New England said having an objective set of ideas can really help to open up space. 
“[I] can give you some good tips and skills and little things that can help your everyday routine,” she said.
Both Falcone and Newbold offer insight and resources when working with a client so the person can continue on with their own system afterward. 
“I’m not doing it for you. I’m teaching along the way so you can move on and do other spaces,” Falcone said. 
Newbold said she asks a lot of questions to get a feel for what is working and what isn’t to try and figure out a new system, because having a system is her key to remaining organized in the future. 
So, who in your life could benefit from an appointment with a professional organizer? 
“I really think there is not one person who cannot benefit from simplifying their life,” Newbold said.
Techie storage
Add extra storage to a phone or laptop for more space to keep a collection of vacation photos or funny cat videos.
A good gift for the phone-loving friend or family member that likes to keep a lot of media on their smartphone is an SD memory card, a flash storage device that holds media or files for phones or other devices. SD cards come in standard, mini and micro sizes for use in different devices. Phones will always take a microSD card, but some come with an adapter to fit in a standard SD slot of a laptop.
Jed Bouchard, computer sales lead at Best Buy in Concord, said that when it comes to selecting an SD card, classification is more important than brand. 
“They [SD cards] rate by how fast they can read and write on the card,” he said. “Look for class 10. That’s the highest tier.” 
For the person with limited drive space on their laptop or one who wants to back up their files in case of the blue screen of death, an external hard drive is a good option. It works the same way as the flash memory of SD cards, Bouchard said, but it has a small disk that spins, with a needle writing information on it. Plus, “because it’s been around longer, there is a lot more storage,” he said. The smallest external hard drive available is 500 GB (or 125,000 hi-def pictures).
The two types of external hard drives are backup, which come with software to back up the device, and empty, which just need manual loading. Bouchard said empty drives are more commonly used because a lot of computers already have some backup program. For Mac users, just because an external hard drive doesn’t say “Mac-formatted” on it doesn’t mean it’s off limits. 
“You can still use it, but there is an extra step,” Bouchard said. “There are some major brands, Toshiba and Seagate are most common, but all mostly run off the same blueprint.”
Donate, sell, purge
Give your time or the time of a professional to help create more space.
Get it Gone furniture removal and disposal service helps dispose of or donate unwanted furniture and appliances. 
“We’ll do furniture removal if they're getting new stuff, we do complete moving service from house to house, and furniture delivery,” said owner Jake Edmunds. “Anything to do with moving or removing from your home or office.” 
His house clean-out service covers all of New Hampshire as well as Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine. Simple removing services, like clearing out a living room or four-piece bedroom set, are great for gifting. 
Give your time and lend a helping hand and sort through a garage or attic to find items to donate to the local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charities. Arrange a pick-up time for a donation truck to come or take a drive to the nearest drop-off site. Find charities in the area in need of donations (and pick-up services) at
Turn a neighbor’s cleaning project into a chance to make a little cash by helping them set up a local yard sale. Stop by the town office or visit the town website to apply for a yard sale permit. Most towns require a permit in order to host a residential yard sale (the fee is typically less than $5).
As seen in the December 11, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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