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May 29, 2020








Ready to pour at Millyard Brewery. Courtesy photo.

New breweries

Lithermans Limited Brewery
Where: 126 B Hall St., Concord
Pipe Dream Brewing
Where: 49 Harvey Road, Londonderry
Millyard Brewery
Where: 25 E. Otterson St., Nashua


New to brew 2016
Three breweries set to open

By Allie Ginwala

 Southern New Hampshire is going to see three new breweries open this month.

Lithermans Limited Brewery
They may be new when it comes to owning a brewery, but Michael Hauptly-Pierce and Steve Bradbury are hardly new to brewing. The co-owners and co-brewers have a combined 20 years of homebrewing experience that they’ll bring to Concord when Lithermans Limited Brewery opens Friday, April 8.
The three-barrel system brewery is located on Hall Street, just outside of Concord’s downtown corridor, which Hauptly-Pierce said has become even more attractive given the city’s Main Street revitalization. 
“What’s nice is Concord does not have a brewery yet, so it was the perfect place to open a brewery,” Bradbury said. 
Given the “luxury of a tasting room,” Hauptly-Pierce said they’ll be able to brew a number of one-offs, along with the frequent rotation of their core beers — an IPA, a saison, a Belgian French farmhouse-style ale, a cream ale, an orange chocolate milk stout and an imperial red ale.
“We’ve been brewing our imperial red … Steve and I have fine-tuned it quite a few times. We’ve probably brewed it 15 or 20 times as homebrewers,” Hauptly-Pierce said.  
Both the beers and the brewery reflect back to Hauptly-Pierce and Bradbury’s love of music, from their beer labels and photos of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin on the walls to framed personal items like each of the owners’ first albums and ticket stubs from concerts. But even if you’re not a die-hard music fan, Hauptly-Pierce said those in their twenties to those in their seventies will feel right at home.
Pipe Dream Brewing
A love of craft beer can manifest itself in many ways; for New Hampshire native Jonathan Young, it came while stationed in California during his four years in the Marine Corps.
“The craft beer scene was booming in California at that time, so I got into it there and that’s where I built all my recipes and learned how to brew,” Young said. 
Young, co-owner and head brewer, and his business partner, John Bacheller, hope to open Pipe Dream Brewing by the end of the month, bringing a West Coast-inspired brewery to the Granite State.
Pipe Dream’s two-barrel system is housed in a 5,000-square-foot area, 1,400 feet of which is the tasting room. One good thing about being a small brewery, he said, is the ability to consistently brew new and fresh batches.
Young said they chose the location because they want room to grow. 
“I noticed a lot of breweries around here get a 1,400-square-foot spot and within a year they need to move and moving is not easy,” he said. “We didn’t want to deal with that.”
The spot in brewery-rich Londonderry will give them plenty of space to make their hoppy stouts and porters, double IPAs and pale ales.
“We use a lot of West Coast hops,” he said. “East Coast styles are malt-forward so I’m trying to do the opposite and be hop-forward.”
Millyard Brewery
Millyard Brewery plans to open Saturday, April 9, in the Gate City, paying tribute to the state’s mill history through its four core beers: Jackson IPA, Amoskeag Pilsner, Boott Porter and Nashua Pale Ale.
“My idea is not to go to one extreme or the other, but kind of keep every beer in the middle of all the styles so [it’s] a little less scary than some of the other craft beer companies,” said co-owner and head brewer Ken Unsworth. “I kind of wanted to, not dull it down, [but] just take it back a notch and make it more approachable.”
Unsworth began brewing beer in 2008, but it wasn’t until he was connected with Nashua resident and co-owner Dean Baxter two and half years ago that they started to make the dream of opening a brewery into reality. The two-barrel system is currently housed in a 1,200-square-foot space, but they’re hoping to expand in the coming months.
Unsworth said the idea behind their lineup is to make craft brews more relatable to those who haven’t dabbled in them before, offering a bit of everything in terms of taste and flavor profile. For example, a Coors Light or Bud Light drinker might shy away from the overly hopped and strong-flavored craft brews, so Unsworth wants to give them a way to step into the scene. 

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