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110 Grill. Emelia Attridge photo.

110 Grill

27 Trafalgar Square, Nashua

New to Nashua
110 Grill features creative American cuisine


Nashua is known for its downtown restaurant scene, but in December the new 110 Grill joined a few independent locally owned restaurants on the other side of town, dominated by chain restaurants.

“So far, people who live and work in that area are grateful since now they have an option,” marketing director Michelle Flynn said.
110 Grill opened just off Amherst Street. Its sister restaurant, 110 Grill in Chelmsford, Mass., opened last January. The two restaurants share similar menus, but the Nashua restaurant is larger than the first. 
The Nashua restaurant features a 31-seat bar that wraps around the front of the restaurant, a private dining area, outside seating with fire pit, and an open concept kitchen. The kitchen can be seen from across the restaurant, and the four high-top booths next to the kitchen are the most requested.
“It’s almost like a show. It’s very lively and exciting,” Flynn said.
“I’m a huge fan of them [open concept kitchens] because people like to see where their food comes from,” director of operations Ryan Dion said. “This is sort of a front row seat to the stage.”
The drinks menu features 16 draft beers, seasonal cocktails and a wine selection. 110 signature cocktails include the 110 margarita, which has become the favorite since the restaurant opened. The signature margarita literally spices up the traditional cocktail recipe with fresh orange bell peppers, fresh lemon juice and cilantro garnish. The 110 margarita pairs well with the 110 nachos made with a pico de gallo also made with bell peppers.
“We like to think of the menu as creative American but even more so,” Flynn said. “It’s casual dining, but it’s upscale.”
That includes menu items like 110 steak tips, prepared with a bourbon marinade and whiskey glaze, served with red bliss mashed potatoes or the whiskey glazed chicken. The traditional French onion soup features ciabatta bread instead of croutons, and Swiss and provolone cheeses.
The menu at 110 Grill is inspired by fresh and local ingredients just as much as creative flair, like the beef butchered and delivered within 24 hours after it’s ordered, Flynn said. The menu was also created with gluten sensitivities in mind. In fact, there isn’t any all-purpose flour anywhere in the restaurant. 
“I think a lot of people think gluten-free lacks flavor, but when you taste those desserts and the items on our menu [you’ll be surprised],” Flynn said.
The fish and chips even have a gluten-free spin. Since most fish batter is made with flour that contaminates the fryer in a gluten-free kitchen, the menu item has been reinvented with a popcorn flour batter prepared with Angry Orchard cider on draft.
The menu also includes gluten-free mini cheesecake and chocolate decadence, a type of fudge dessert. 
Of course, there are also menu items that aren’t gluten-free, like the pineapple upside down cake, which isn’t like grandma’s recipe.
“The stickiness of the caramel, the airiness of the yellow cake — it’s elevated a little bit,” chef Adam Jump said.
With gluten-free items and a kids’ menu along with signature cocktails and creative dishes, 110 Grill has a little bit of everything.
Originally from Melrose, Mass., Dion received his business degree from UNH with a minor in hospitality. Dion has watched Nashua’s 110 Grill become a reality from start to finish, which took 72 days to complete.
“We stood here when it was just dirt, and 72 days later, here we are,” Dion said. “You have to love what you do. … It’s kind of starting a brand new company.” 
As seen in the January 1, 2015 issue of the Hippo.

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