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May 29, 2020








Mike Morin

Five favorites

Favorite book: Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz. I’m a new dog owner and just trying to educate myself. 
Favorite movie: the first Godfather
Favorite type of music: I would say probably classic rock. 
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite thing about NH: We ask that question on the radio and I always roll my eyes with some of the answers we get. I would say sipping a margarita on the Portsmouth waterfront.

Signing off and sleeping in
WZID’s Mike Morin moves on to new projects


Are you naturally a morning person?

I really am. I jump out of bed at 3:15 when the alarm goes off. But after a couple decades of that it’s time to sleep in. It does get to you eventually. For me sleeping in will be probably six o’clock. 
Do you have a stand-out memory from your career?
... I would have to say my very first day on the radio. It was Jan. 2, 1971 and I even remember the first song I played. The song was by Chicago and it was called “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” 
Do you get to pick the songs you play?
Back then yes. Today no. Music is very highly researched. Once a station decides what it wants its audience to be, it dives into research what songs are most popular in that demographic. 
What will you miss most about hosting radio shows? 
What I’ll really miss is the connection with the audience. They almost become an extended family. Just last night I walked through the Best of New Hampshire party at the Verizon Wireless Arena and I can’t tell you how many people stopped and wished me well — people I’ve never met. I’ll certainly miss that connection because most of my real family members are back in the midwest.  
What was your on-air relationship with Tracy Caruso like?
In a way it’s almost like a brother-and-sister relationship where there is always a lot of teasing but it’s always done with love. … It makes for some fun and lively conversation.
Are you friends outside of work, and will you keep in touch?
Yes, we certainly are friends outside of work, but honestly we don’t spend all that much time together. Tracy has four children and doesn’t really live all that close to me, and I have a dog. 
What should Neal White, your succcessor, do to fill your shoes?
Well, I wear pumps, specifically. The first and most important thing is he just needs to be himself. He shouldn’t try to be me and I don’t think he will, because he would not have been hired if they didn’t feel he had some great assets. I haven’t met him as of today but I will meet him on Monday. … From everything I’ve heard he’s going to do great. I’m seeing a lot of social media talk in the New Bedford area saying he’ll be missed there and that we’re getting a great guy. 
Will you listen to Tracy and Neal, or avoid radio for a while?
How could I not listen? I don’t think I will be listening every day but I will certainly be curious to see how their relationship develops.
Tell me about your new writing project. 
At this point I haven’t even pitched it to a publisher. So I’m just going to be kind of mysterious and say it has to do with a much loved New England institution that people miss and can’t get enough of. 
Besides writing, how do you plan to spend your time?
I am also a justice of the peace so I can marry people, and I’m also very interested in food. I’m not classically trained, but I have taken some artisan bread classes at King Arthur Flour in Vermont. I’ve also won a couple food competitions. … So I may expand a little bit or try to mix my food enjoyment with the media and possibly do a food radio show sometime this fall.  — Rebecca Fishow 
[Is your fiance] happy you will be around more?
We’ll be spending the entire month of July together. Because of my career I was never allowed to take more than one week off at a time. We have lots planned for July. She is a nurse at Saint Anselm College and will be back to work in August. And she claims she’ll be happy to have me around the house.
As seen in the June 26, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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