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May 27, 2020








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So chill
How to keep your wine cool


 Summer is in full swing now, and white wine seems like the only option in the heat. I like to enjoy it chilled, straight out of the fridge. But there are times when I am not enjoying wine at home and instead am enjoying it with friends or family at an outdoor picnic. For those outings, there are a few accessories I like to take along to keep my wine cold. 

The Corkcicle is a great summertime accessory if you are enjoying white or sparkling wines. You chill it in the freezer, and then put it down into the opened bottle. I believe they also make these with a spout on top so you can pour while it is right in the bottle. 
Chiller cups
Corkcicle brand, along with some others, makes stemless wine glasses that also serve as chiller cups. The Corkcicle cups I have say that they will keep liquids cool for nine hours. I haven’t tested this yet but hope to this summer. Additionally these cups claim to keep liquids hot for three hours, so they can also be used in the winter. Some other positives about these cups: they are easy to pack, aren’t made of glass (if you are in a setting like a pool, where this would be dangerous) and are reusable. 
Wine opener
If you’re bringing wine to a summer gathering and it doesn’t have a screw top, it’s always a good idea to pack a wine opener. This may sound silly, but some people don’t have them at the ready like the rest of us. I keep extra wine openers on hand that I get at tastings or festivals, just in case I forget to bring it home. 
Alternative containers
Don’t discount boxed wine, or as I like to call it, “adult juice boxes.” If you want to enjoy some wine but the setting calls for something other than glass, wine in a box is a great alternative. It’s easy to pack and available in a variety of sizes. 
Cooler bag
You’ll want to keep your wine cool on the go, and an insulated bag is a great way to do that if you don’t want to pack a large cooler. An insulated bag is great for the beach, picnics, and even transporting wine. I also have a wine bag that fits one bottle that you can put into the freezer and chill ahead of time. This is another way to keep wine cool while transporting it or enjoying it. 
Ice cubes?
Some wine enthusiasts scoff at the idea of putting ice cubes into wine because it essentially dilutes its flavor and character. Other people swear by it, even in their red wine. I try to avoid this, but there are times where it seems like the option to cool wine down quickly. If this is something you like, then go with it. Your wine may end up a little bit watered down, but sometimes that’s a better option than warm wine. 
White wine 
Though I like to plan for things, there are always unexpected gatherings or events that pop up during the summer. I like to keep a bottle or two of white wine (pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, etc.) on hand this time of year. Keep one in the wine rack and one in the fridge in case you go somewhere or have friends or family over. 
What I’m drinking
I recently picked up a bottle of Two Princes 2015 Riesling from Germany. If you like sweet rieslings, this isn’t the wine for you. This one is much more balanced. What I really like about this wine is that it has just enough fruitiness and sweetness without one of those qualities overpowering the others. I get apricot and apple flavors and some slight sweetness on the finish, followed by pleasant acidity. This is a great summer wine, so pick up a bottle at one of the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets.  

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