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Oct 20, 2019








 Fruit Selection Sangria

½ bottle pinot grigio (375 ml)
3 ounces Skyy Dragonfruit Vodka
1 ounce peach schnapps
Juice from 1/3 lime
2 ounces apple juice
This recipe received an average of 3 out of 5 from the taste testers but had mixed reviews. My mom said it was “dry, fragrant and refreshing,” while my sister said it had “too many flavors jam packed into one little glass.” My cousin Mallory found it “crisp and refreshing. A nice balance of sweet and dry,” but my Uncle Jon did not like the finish. Overall, this is a good recipe for fans of dry white wines. It has a small hint of sweetness from the peach schnapps and apple juice but isn’t a sweet sangria. 
Lime Bite Sangria
½ bottle pinot grigio (375 ml)
½ nip Captain Morgan Lime Bite
6 ounces raspberry seltzer
This recipe also received an average of 3 out of 5 stars from the taste testers, but typically each person liked either this recipe or the Fruit Selection one. My cousin Tim, who doesn’t often drink white wine, called it “smooth.” My Aunt Linda said it tasted like SweeTarts but was not a big fan of the finish. My Uncle Mike liked the finish and called it “fruity and crisp.” My sister said it was “delightful and refreshing.” If I were going to make this again, I might try kicking up the sweetness a bit to offset the acidity of the lime, but overall I really liked the flavor.
Watermelon Basil Surprise
1/3 bottle grenache gris
3 ounces pureed watermelon
7 basil leaves, chopped
Disclaimer: this is a recipe in process. We think we are on to something, but we need to refine it. We were eating a lot of watermelon during vacation, so I got the idea to puree it in the blender. We also had a basil plant handy, so my aunt suggested combining the two flavors. There are a few reasons we think this recipe wasn’t overly successful as written. We pureed the watermelon but added the basil after, so some of the taste testers did not like the texture of the drink. They did compliment the nice pink color, though. The wine we used had a somewhat hot, alcoholic finish, so using a different base might improve the flavor. This is a drink you will want to enjoy well-chilled, and we didn’t have a lot of time to cool it down before serving. Many of the taste testers liked the concept but did not like the flavor. 
Cranberry Lime Sangria
½ bottle sweet red (we used Oak Leaf Vineyards)
½ can cranberry lime seltzer 
Splash Captain Lime Bite
This sangria was the favorite of the night, earning an average 4 out of 5 rating from the taste testers. My Uncle Mike said, “full, fresh tasting, great nose and finish.” My cousin’s husband said, “I could drink this all day!” Other words to describe it were “smooth,” “refreshing,” and “lovely.” We all agreed this would be a nice beach sangria because it is light and fruity but not too sweet.
Red Delight Sangria
½ bottle sweet red
3 ounces blackberry brandy
3 ounces plain seltzer
This was the second favorite overall, earning an average of 3 out of 5. My cousin Tim and Uncle Jon, who were not fans of many of the recipes, both liked this sangria. Jon said it had a fruity nose and was nice from start to finish. Tim said it was sweet and tasted fruity. Some taste testers said it was similar to the cranberry lime but they liked the aroma and complexity of the flavors. Sweet wine drinkers would like this recipe, but I think it could be diluted slightly with more seltzer.

So much sangria!
Make and taste your own

By Stefanie Phillips

Last week, while on vacation, my family, held what has now become a tradition: our annual sangria tasting. My aunt and I are the bartenders, and my family members are the taste testers. We make up different recipes and they blindly taste, rating each on a scale from 1 to 5. 
This year, we used three different base wines: pinot grigio, grenache gris and sweet red. From there, we added different ingredients. We like to experiment with items not always found in sangria, like other liquors, fruit or juices.
The recipes are included, but I am going to include a disclaimer: The recipes are approximate and can be altered depending on your own personal taste. They make approximately four servings and should be enjoyed well-chilled. 

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