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May 31, 2020








Super Bowl Predictions

By Dave Long

 As is the custom when the Patriots go to the Super Bowl, I asked some of my favorite local sports lovers what they think will happen vs. the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. I even reached out to my friend from Little League days, Mark Elliott, to get a prediction from the only living Atlanta resident I know. He goes Atlanta 31, Patriots 24, saying, “The Falcons are playing great, have real momentum and incredible support from Atlanta based fans (pump in that sound!).” All I’ll add is, he was a soccer player, so what does he know! 

Here’s a sampling of what folks around town predicted via email, phone and in-person conversations: 
Jeff Eisenberg, former Manchester Monarchs prexy and president of the Eisenberg, Ryze and Vitale advertising firm: Having once worked for the Phillies, I’m a Philly sports guy and a closet contrarian. So I’ll go with the NFC team to beat the obvious likely winner. Falcons 35, Patriots 31. 
Carmen Giampetruzzi, owner of Auburn Pitts: Give Coach Bill two weeks to prepare for Atlanta and Matty Ice won’t know what hit him. Pats 35, Falcons 17.
Son Carmen Giampetruzzi, BC junior and Trinity three-sport star: I am a Pats fan, but all of BC is rooting for Matty Ice because it might be his only trip to the SB and the Pats will have three more with Brady. Falcons 35, Patriots 34
Peaches Paige, owner of Cotton Restaurant: Weirdly, I don’t dislike Atlanta. They play hard and are exciting. But having said that, I don’t think they can stop the Patriots offense. Patriots 38, Falcons 29.
Dick Lombardi, insurance magnate, massive Giants fan: If Atlanta had Houston’s D I’d like them. They hit Brady and disrupted his timing. Atlanta needs to get to him and lock down the tiny WR’s at the [line of scrimmage]. Then they have a chance because ATL will score. But they can’t and won’t. Patriots 34, Falcons 27. 
Jamie Staton, WGIR sports anchor: Every Tom Brady Super Bowl has been decided by either 3 or 4 points. It’s time for a blowout [then added, “my predictions are always wrong!”]. Patriots 35, Falcons 21.
Rene LeClerc, owner Leclerc Agency State Farm Insurance: Pats have more offensive weapons and their defense is slightly better too. Also, I am a homer, so even if Atlanta wins I’ll protest and say the they’re not legitimate!! Patriots 31, Falcons 24.
Nick Vailas, CEO, BASC: It is always tough to shut down the Patriots’ offense, and the Falcons defense is not the toughest defense they’ve faced. Lewis and Hogan strengthen the offensive, and the defense that’s constantly overshadowed by Brady is stronger than most think. They bend but don’t break and championships are usually won by defense. Patriots 31, Falcons 10.
Frank Harlan, retired educator: Pats are going to be wearing the white uniforms. The previous two SBs held in Houston, the teams in white lost. Can’t believe it will happen three in a row. Pats 39, Falcons 12
Charlie Sherman, WBIN-TV news anchor: Tom Brady is the greatest QB ever and his legend continues by causing chaos for the Falcons defense to capture a fifth Lombardi Trophy. New England 36, Atlanta 28.
Doug Goumas, surgeon, NH Orthopedic Center (and serious Giants fan): It pains me to say this, the Patriots win and don’t even need to deflate the balls. Falcons defense is poor and defense wins Super Bowls. Matt Ryan poor under pressure. Julio will be neutralized. Brady has the revenge factor. Patriots’ coaching brilliant as Belichick is a Parcells disciple. Patriots 35, Falcons 21.
Sandy Ackerson, owner State Farm Agency, Bedford (who as a collegiate tennis player once played Bobby Riggs in an exhibition match at the U when he had a chair tied to his leg as his handicap!): I HATE Bill Belichick – ugly demeanor, ugly clothes. That said, I started a novena already knowing full well the weeks of misery I’ll face if my husband doesn’t get his fifth Patriots Super Bowl hat. The power of prayer will give us the win. Patriots 25, Falcons 3. 
Matt Schmidt, executive director, NH Golf Association: Having grown up a Redskins fan I’m an impartial observer. But the Pats seem on a mission, while Atlanta seems content to enjoy the experience. I also think the NFC side was easier than many thought. So I’m not sure how good Green Bay actually was, and the Falcons were fortunate to have home field. The Pats have the experience and the desire to win again. Patriots 34, Falcons 22.
Michael Moffett, NH state representative, Loudon: The Patriots have been there before. That means a lot. The Falcons have no experience with the hoopla. New England 27, Atlanta 20. 
Janet Horvath, sports enthusiast, Manchester Parks and Recreation: The Patriots have to fight like crazy to barely get a close win as the Falcons prove tough to beat. Patriots 23, Falcons 21.
Don Pinard, chief of parks, Manchester: Many successful pundits fill out their March Madness brackets by opting for the team names, mascots, colors etc. Following that train of thought, how can I not pick men with muskets over a bird of prey. Patriots take aim for 31-27!!
Mark Mulcahy, operating partner, Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan empire: Belichick is the best there is in limiting the opposing best players. His game plan will limit Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman to where their offense won’t put up many points. Only question: How hard will Brady shake Goodell’s hand! Patriots 34, Falcons 24. 

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