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Jurassic World

Welcome to Popcorn Season
Why those words shouldn't scare you

By Amy Diaz

Yes, it's another summer and that means another season of sequels, prequels, big FX-filled clambakes with explosions and the deep bass "waaaah"s that movies are so fond of these days. But still, I am hopeful. I do not despair about this season; in fact, I am even looking forward to it. And if I had to sum up why, in a short phrase, I think it would be this one: Guardians of the Galaxy.

It was a Marvel movie based on a comic book I had never heard of. I dragged myself into the theater thinking I was in for two hours of loudness and pain. It turned out to be the most fun I had with a movie all year. And it was released in early August! I know! 
So put aside your cynicism and your "there are no more original ideas in Hollywood" eye-rolling. (Hey, wanna see what original ideas look like? Watch Jupiter Ascending. "Original" doesn't always mean "better.") And allow yourself to get excited for movie's big loud season of fun.
Here are some more reasons I'm excited about the next three months at the theater. (This isn't a list of all of the big summer releases, just the ones I've got circled on my calendar.) As always, check listings because release dates can change:
Pitch Perfect 2 (PG-13) The first movie made me happy beyond words. We return to the Barden Bellas and the world of acapella singing with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. (May 15)
Spy (R) Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig (writer/director here as well as the mind behind Freaks & Geeks and the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, the two movies that made the best use of McCarthy's talents) reunite for this tale of a CIA agent who finally gets her time in the field. (May 22)
Poltergeist (PG-13) They're hee-re — you know, again. The classic horror movie gets a reboot starring Rosemarie DeWitt, Sam Rockwell and Jared Harris. (May 22)
San Andreas (PG-13) Who doesn't love a good massive-disaster movie? And by good, I mean "good." Dwayne Johnson stars in this story of a deadly California earthquake. (May 29)
Jurassic World (PG-13) The Jurassic Park franchise gets a reboot with this movie starring 2014's favorite action hero, Chris Pratt, as well as Judy Greer and Bryce Dallas Howard. (June 12)
• Inside Out (PG) It's a new Pixar movie! And it features the voices of Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling! It's like a chocolate sundae with bacon on top. Poehler gives voice to Joy, one of the many emotions living inside the mind of a girl who seems just about to pass from tween- to teen-aged. (June 19)
Ted 2 (R) I realize this probably makes me a bad person but I am genuinely interested to see the futher adventures of Mark Wahlberg and his life-long friend, a talking (foul-mouthed) teddy bear. (June 26).
Terminator: Genisys New time-lines, a new Sarah Connor (the mother of dragons herself, Emilia Clarke) and a very familiar terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) return in this sidequel, reboot. (July 1)
Magic Mike XXL (R) Channing Tatum returns (though director Steven Soderbergh doesn't) in this sequel to the 2012 movie where, like, a dozen Hollywood hot-dudes dance naked. I know, I know — but hey, I'm only human. (July 1)
Minions (PG) The Despicable Me sidekicks get their own animated adventure. (July 10)
Ant-Man This year's lesser-known Marvel movie stars Paul Rudd, who also has a screenplay credit (as does Adam McKay, writing partner of Will Ferrell). (July 17)
Trainwreck (R) Judd Apatow directs and Amy Schumer writes and stars in this comedy about a single woman who's not so sure about this "monogamy" thing. The trailer is exceptionally promising. (July 17)
Pixels Adam Sandler stars in and has a writing credit in this comedy about aliens who invade with weaponized versions of 1980s video games (your Pac-Man, your Donkey Kong and the like). In addition to the overall concept, my optimism springs in part from this fact: the movie also stars Peter Dinkledge. (July 24)
Fantastic Four Marvel would like you to please forget about that 2005 Fantastic Four and sign up for this ride featuring a new four — Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan. (Aug. 7) 
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (PG-13) Guy Ritchie directs handsome men in handsome period suits — specifically, Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer — in this movie based on the 1960s TV show. (Aug. 14)
The Transporter Refueled Labor Day weekend apparently belongs to this reboot of the Transporter series starring a really beautiful Audi and also Ed Skrein. (Sept. 4) 
As seen in the May 7, 2015 issue of the Hippo.

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