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Splitter by Henniker Brewing Co

What’s in My Fridge

Springdale by Jack’s Abby Brewing “Brigadeiro” Breakfast Stout: This beer literally knocked my socks off. Seriously, I can’t find my socks and my feet are cold. That’s how good this beer is. So rich. So smooth. So much great coffee flavor. Cheers!

What are brewers drinking?
Some answers might be surprising


 As the craft beer movement has expanded and evolved, there is more and more pressure on brewers to produce fresh, unique and taste-bud-popping concoctions. They must master today’s most popular styles while also providing their own take and keeping an eye on how the market might shake out down the road. No easy task.

But that begs a question: What are brewers drinking right now? When the work day ends and they reach into the cooler or for the tap, what are they reaching for? I asked a handful of New Hampshire brewers for their picks.
Pete Beauregard, owner and brewer, Stoneface Brewing Co.
Beauregard has been enjoying Stoneface’s Steinhaken, a Munich-style dunkel (dark) lager. 
“It’s got a lower ABV than a lot of the beers we brew here at Stoneface, so you can have a couple and still have a conversation. It’s a great companion for the colder winter months and a nice change of pace from porter and stout.”
Beauregard described the brew as clear and light brown/ruby in color. 
“The aroma is toasty and bready, like fresh baked bread crust. The flavor is malty and a little sweet with very little bitterness and very little hop character. It is a super easy drinker and goes great with hearty comfort food.”
Mike Frizzelle, co-founder and head brewer, Able Ebenezer Brewing Co.
“While the very flavorful beers of the craft beer movement are awesome, I kept finding myself wanting something easy to drink once I got home after work,” Frizzelle said. 
To fit the bill, he reaches for Mexican Lagers — light, crisp and refreshing. 
“And while I love the Mexican Lager style, every time I drink one I think about what I would change for my personal preference — just a little more flavor without needing a lime,” Frizzelle said. 
In 2011, when Frizzelle was living in San Diego and starting out as a home brewer, he was exploring yeast strains and the Mexican Lager yeast stood out for him as a favorite. He vowed to use it one day. That day is coming as Able Ebenezer has plans for a Mexican Lager in the works. 
Justin Pino, brewer, Great North Aleworks
Pino pointed to pilsners as his current go-to brew, noting Throwback Brewery Love Me Long Time Pilsener, Industrial Arts Brewing Metric German Pilsner and Great North Aleworks Northbound American Pilsner. 
“Pilsners have a uniquely simple flavor profile while still maintaining complex subtleties,” Pino said. “The combination of traditional Bohemian/Czech pilsner malt and yeast with American hops can really make a knockout blend. … You can have honey and sweet malt character with a bitterness that slightly coats the tongue and adds a fruity aroma and finish. It makes for an incredibly drinkable beer. Besides that, pilsner also represents a style that showcases simplicity.”
Pilsners are characterized as light, slightly sweet and mildly bitter, Pino said.
“Where we are in this flavor volume craze with IPAs and [New England] IPAs, pilsners give your palate room to breathe and really explore the beer,” Pino said. 
Ryan Maiola, marketing director, Henniker Brewing Co.
Another interesting choice and a brand-new offering, Maiola said, is Henniker’s smoked golden ale called Splitter. 
“When people hear of a smoked beer they normally think of a German Rauchbier,” Maiola said. “These are super smoky beers, which often are too much smoke for people to enjoy. Splitter uses the same yeast strain as our Kolsch, is lighter in body, color, and is surprisingly drinkable. There’s just enough smoke on the back end for you to know it’s there but not to overpower the beer.”
You’ll have to get it while you can as Henniker only brewed 30 barrels of this limited offering. 
Jeff Mucciarone is a senior account executive with Montagne Communications, where he provides communications support to the New Hampshire wine and spirits industry. 

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