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Nov 17, 2019








Caitlyn Callinan

What are you really into right now?

I really love to take on leadership roles. I’ve been doing different community service projects. I’m the president of thet National Honor Society at school. … And [also] American Idol just came back on and I’m super-excited about that.

Youngest marathoner
Local girl runs for Liver Foundation


Can you tell me about your background in running and how you got into it initially?

In our town, in the middle school, we have cross-country, and my neighbor who used to live across the street from me did cross-country. She was really into it and I looked up to her. … I was like ‘Hey, that looks like something I’d like to do,’ just because she did it. Middle school came around and I ran, but I was in the back of the pack. I was that kid that everyone felt bad for because I walked practically the whole thing. And then, from there on, I started setting goals for myself. Like, “OK, if I run from this tree to this tree, then I can take a break.” So I kept making goals for myself, and from there I just prospered. And it ended up being a huge thing, because I kept doing it through middle school and I’m a senior in high school and I did it all my high school years. I did the Junior Olympics a couple of years ago and I ran for them aside from winter track, spring track and cross-country. … [In] the Junior Olympics, we did a running team for the police athletic association and we competed in nationals in New Mexico. That was a really fun experience because I was able to meet so many new people. 
What advice do you have for others who are getting into this?
I’d definitely say just do what you’re doing and don’t give up. When I was in fifth grade, I practically walked the whole thing and I was really frustrated because everyone else was doing so good and they could run so far. But it’s obviously because I didn’t give up and kept trying to run [that I got better].
So you’re going to be the youngest person running in the Boston Marathon this year. What are some of your goals behind doing that?
My grandfather has non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. He’s always been a big part of my life and I’ve always wanted to do something nice for him. … I was able to join the charity after an interview process, and now I’ve raised a little over $10,000 so far for [the American Liver Foundation]. And I’m really excited that I was able to have that opportunity … and I’m doing this with him in mind. It’s a lot of miles and it’s going to be a whole lot of pain, but just keeping him in the back of my mind and knowing that I’m doing this for him has made me want to keep running. Every long run that I do, I just think of him and it makes it so much easier to run.
What’s been your training regimen to prepare for the marathon?
Definitely a lot of miles. Through the week, I usually do a speed workout [in which] I do intervals of running. But I will do no less than an hour of running a day. And Saturdays is my long-run day. And with my charity team, every Saturday morning we meet in Boston and we run together, and those are our long-run days. Actually, tomorrow, [March 24], we have a 21-miler in Boston that we get to do together as a team.
Do you have a goal in terms of where you’d like to place in the marathon?
My goal has been to just finish the race but now that I’m doing so well with my bigger miles, I’d like to break four hours. 
Do you plan on running the marathon again after this?
I think it would definitely be fun to do it again, maybe even qualify for it. [But] definitely not within the next few years. I’m going to college and I’m going to be running for Saint Anselm College. So I’m going to be focused on my college running for the next few years. 
What are you planning to study?
I’m going to study marketing and business. I just want to do something in that field. I’ve always wanted to event-plan, so that would be a really fun job. 
— Ryan Lessard 

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