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Ready for a bite?

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16 Ready for a bite?
Some of the state’s restaurants are reopening for limited outdoor dining, with strict safety precautions in place. Find out how eateries are adjusting to the changes, why some are staying closed, and what dining will look like for customers for the near future.

Also on the cover, sometimes the only way to start your day right is with dessert, p. 20. Sometimes you need to get adventurous with your beer, p. 21. And sometimes you need to mix things up with new puzzles, p. 27 & 29 (let us know what you think about the new additions at!).

Music returns to Penuche’s Music Hall By Michael With limited reopening of businesses in New Hampshire, open air dining ...
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By Matt On May 18, New Hampshire eateries were permitted to reopen for limited outdoor dining only, as part ...
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A teenage girl from the heart of the San Fernando Valley expands her horizons in Valley Girl, a, like, totally ...
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