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Film Reviews

At the Sofaplex 21/01/14

Herself (R) Clare Dunne, Harriet Walter. Also Conleth Hill, probably best known as Lord Varys from Game of Thrones. Dunne […]

Featured Content / Film Reviews by Amy

Sylvie’s Love (PG-13)

A jazz musician winds through the life of a woman who loves him in Sylvie’s Love, an almost miraculously good […]


Beginners, by Tom Vanderbilt

Beginners, by Tom Vanderbilt (Knopf, 320 pages) If you’ve ever considered learning something after the age of 8, chances are […]

Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/01/14

Frank Sonic & L-Ex, “Talamanca Beach, Ming (Ger) Remix” (Amber Blue Recordings) As if I don’t mention it every other […]

Drink / Featured Content

Beer and DIY

Good beer to help with home improvement projects Over the course of several weeks, my wife painstakingly and tediously removed […]

Featured Content / Food

Nice buns!

Nothing says comfort on a winter morning like a warm tray of freshly baked cinnamon rolls — and, while it […]

Red round icon that reads Weekly Dish

The Weekly Dish 21/01/14

News from the local food scene • Tastes of yore: Join the Goffstown Public Library virtually for a medieval cooking […]

Family Fun / Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt 21/01/14

Dear Donna, I have an assortment of these wood block letters in many sizes. I collected them for years and […]

Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Know your trees

Winter is a good time to get outside and explore This is a good time to be outdoors exploring the […]

Family Fun

Kiddie Pool 21/01/14

Family fun for the weekend Planes and iBOTs Beat three-day-weekend boredom at the museum! Along with their regular exhibits, two […]

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