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Treasure Hunt 21/11/18

Dear Donna,

I know this isn’t worth a dime, but any idea who made this? I found it last week while digging in my basement. It was probably buried some time in the 1920s. Had hoped to find more pieces, but this was it. Must have been pretty.

Benoît from Concord

Dear Benoît,

Your ironstone shard is very pretty. It’s not uncommon to find pottery shards (fragments of broken pieces) in older homes, mostly outside. That is where people would dispose of items from the home. There are collectors today who love digging for bottles and such on older properties.

Your fragment of ironstone is a transferware shard. This means the patterns were transferred onto the pieces. It’s tough to tell the maker by the prong marks; there were so many at the time. But it doesn’t particularly matter; you are right that there isn’t a value because it is just a piece. But it is a piece of the home’s history, and that is priceless!

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