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Sep 18, 2018








 ARGH Gallery

Location: 416 Chestnut St., Manchester
Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 3 to 7 p.m., and by appointment 
Grand opening: Friday, Sept. 14, 5 to 8 p.m. 
More info:, 682-0797

Modern edge
New gallery opens in downtown Manchester


 By Angie Sykeny 
Manchester’s downtown arts scene continues to grow with the addition of a new art gallery on Chestnut Street, between Hanover and Amherst streets. The 700-square-foot ARGH Gallery, owned by Manchester artist Kevin Kintner, celebrates its grand opening on Friday, Sept. 14. 
The name ARGH Gallery is inspired by comics, which Kintner said influenced him at a young age and fostered his interest in art. 
“‘ARGH’ is used a lot in comics as an expression of pain and frustration, often used humorously, and that’s the way I look at art,” he said. “Art is a kind of funny struggle.” 
Two years ago, following a brief hiatus, Kintner started making art again. His work includes primarily large-scale mixed media collages on canvas or wood, created with acrylic paint and cut fragments of his old paintings. After producing a number of pieces, he began thinking about where he could show them. He was inspired after a new art gallery, Kelley Stelling Contemporary, opened on Hanover Street last October. 
“I’ve shown in galleries before, and I had a sense of what galleries are like, so I thought, maybe one of the best ways to show my work again is to just open up space,” he said. “Then, when the Kelley Stelling gallery opened, I thought, man, I can do this; I’ve just got to find a space and put up some paintings.” 
Kintner wanted a place not only to show his own work, but also to give other artists in the community an opportunity to show their work. Since the gallery’s soft opening last month, Kintner said several artists have stopped in to introduce themselves and check out the space. 
“It’s important to be in a milieu of artists. I think all artists need a community, and I think art itself only grows through experimentation and collaboration,” he said. “I love looking at all kinds of art and meeting and talking with artists, and [the gallery] is a great way to do that.” 
The gallery’s first exhibition, which opened with the gallery’s soft opening, consisted of 26 works by Kintner. The second exhibition, which will open the night of the grand opening celebration, will feature Kintner’s art as well as art by two local artists, Gisele Pinard and Matt Pidgeon. Pinard creates colorful abstract oil paintings, many of which are inspired by her garden, while Pidgeon creates abstract expressionist mixed media pieces using acrylics, oils, enamel and glass. 
Kintner said the gallery will continue to highlight art that is “fresh and different and makes people think.” 
“There may even be still-lifes or landscapes in here at some point, but they’ve got to have some kind of abstract quality, a contemporary or modern edge. They need to pique people’s interest,” he said. “I like art that makes people see different things and think different things.” 
For now, exhibitions will rotate bimonthly. The third exhibition will open Nov. 14. Kintner is currently looking for artists to feature and intends to make it a group show with work by around half a dozen artists. 
Kintner hopes the opening of ARGH Gallery will help keep the momentum going in the Hanover Street-area’s rising art scene. 
“I chose this neighborhood for a reason, because I thought it would connect,” he said. “I think Manchester is on the verge of getting more and more of this kind of thing. I’d love to see more art and more galleries pop up.” 

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