two men, one sitting, each with guitar, posing in front of gray background
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From the heart

Sons pay tribute in Ricky Nelson Remembered Matthew and Gunnar Nelson formed their duo Nelson as the MTV era crested. […]

5 men posed together
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Nineties energy

Gin Blossoms-Vertical Horizon twin bill hits town Gin Blossoms singer Robin Wilson knows his band’s odds of making the Rock […]

collage of three musicians, each in front of abstract smoky graphics
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Community motion

Yoga studio hosts music and art As 2020 dawned, Wyn Doran was feeling the glow of her moving debut EP, […]

4 men standing in frond of stone wall
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Wide ranging

Concord band celebrates debut album For Andrew North, the stage and the studio are two distinct places, with the latter […]

2 men standing in front of road, clouds in sky, one wears cowboy hat
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Stadium rock

Cracker headlines Nashua mini-festival Though he started two bands that found international renown and still tour decades later, David Lowery […]

man in blue shirt and straw hat, speaking into microphone
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Four funny nights

Hampton Beach Comedy Festival returns Through the years, some things haven’t changed at the Hampton Beach Comedy Festival. Rule No. […]

young man and woman, blurry brown autumn leaves in background
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Riverwalk redux

Honeysuckle brings live music back at beloved Nashua venue Released in early spring, the latest album from Honeysuckle is called […]

woman with dark reddish hair looking at camera, slight smile
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Traveling solo

Sarah Lee Guthrie finds her own voice Two New Year’s Days ago Sarah Lee Guthrie wrote on Instagram, “Good morning […]

portrait of young man with short hair smiling
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Ready to laugh

Ace Aceto brings the funny to Chunky’s Ace Aceto thinks that right now is a great time to be a […]

man in front of microphone, holding guitar, under blue light
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In the right place

Jonathan Edwards brings new album to Tupelo Like many in his profession, Jonathan Edwards spent the past several months working […]

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