4 band members standing in pile of metal wearing shiny suits
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Live for the season

Step out for a musical December From big stages to small, national touring acts and regional heroes will fill the […]

musicians on stage lit up by fiery background effects, holding up the instruments
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Holiday tradition

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s big show returns Few acts usher in the holiday season quite like Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with its Christmas cocktail […]

6 men standing in woods on sunny day
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Friendly fusion

Eclectic band Annie In The Water hits Manchester The music of Annie In The Water is a contagious hybrid of […]

guitar player and drummer playing on stage during concert
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Well rounded

Zero hits New Hampshire with new (old) album The hallmark of a good jam band is how well it plays […]

man with duct tape across mouth, smile drawn on tape
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Clean slate

Robert Dubac tries to make sense in Book of Moron The idea of aliens landing and attempting to understand human […]

Black and white photo of Chris Trapper, a very rock and roll looking younger man playing an acoustic guitar.
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Master of ceremonies

Chris Trapper has his own show to do From late spring to summer’s end, Chris Trapper was on the road, […]

man wearing black suit and partial face mask, posing with vampire dummy and pumpkin shaped trick or treat baskets
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Halloween man

Currier hosts Doctor Gasp & the Eeks In October 2001, inspired by being a moaning cowboy ghost in a haunted […]

3 male band members crouching on walkway with glass walls, promotional photo
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Back with more

Jewel hosts Evanoff’s return to Manchester With the February release of Singularity, Denver-based power trio Evanoff gave its signature “dream […]

man smiling, sitting in recording studio holding guitar in front of microphone

Squeeze solo

Tupelo Music Hall welcomes Glenn Tilbrook On the strength of songs like “Tempted,” “Black Coffee In Bed” and “Up The […]

man being hit by lightning
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10 films for $10

See movies and join the festival jury at Manhattan Short See 10 movies and then vote for your favorite film […]

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