portrait of man in leather jacket in front of wooden wall
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One-man band

Talking Wallflowers with Jakob Dylan Beginning in 1996 with Bringing Down the Horse, The Wallflowers became a band in name […]

young man smiling with wide eyes, outside at night
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Birthday boys

Drew Dunn and Saku Yanagawa At Rex From his early days doing open mic nights in his hometown of Manchester, […]

5 band members posing in front of blue wall
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Praise music

Faith-based acts play SNHU Arena With soaring harmonies and epic instrumental breaks, it’s easy to mistake We The Kingdom for […]

4 band members posing around an SUV
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Cape crusaders

Falmouth’s Crooked Coast hits Manchester On its latest EP, Glass House, Crooked Coast turns in a heavier direction. Songs like […]

man wearing Tupelo employee shirt standing in front of guitars
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Caring community

Friends and fans gather to help injured Tupelo employee Just before dawn on April 8, Mark Shamaly was struck by […]

Musician Don McLean smiling, pointing at camera, with guitar
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A long, long time ago

‘American Pie’ marks 50 years with Don McLean show As Don McLean began a phone interview in advance of a […]

band playing on stage
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Powerful voice

Faith Ann Band celebrates new album As it touches on a myriad of musical moods, from tuneful grunge to full-throttle […]

Micheal and Kevin Bacon of the band Bacon Brothers, posing in empty street, smiling
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Brotherly love

Kevin and Michael Bacon perform in Plymouth The Bacon Brothers are a prolific band — 11 studio albums since forming […]

5 band members dressed in black posing in hallway
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Heart By Heart hits Cap Center Among tribute bands, Heart by Heart is unique in actually having original members in […]

Young woman in shiny coat, posing with guitar
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Shape shifter

With a new album, Samantha Fish hits Manchester Until New Year’s Day delivered omicron to the world, Samantha Fish was looking […]

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