Granite skate

New Hampshire’s teams lace up for roller derby season

Game time at JFK Coliseum means something different in the spring and summertime than in the winter months. Spectators still flock to the stadium seats, but they also set up lawn chairs down on the concrete of the melted ice rink. Continue reading “Granite skate”

Chicken & waffles

A look at the salty and sweet comfort dish

Nothing says Sunday brunch quite like a warm, fluffy fresh-baked waffle, topped with a generous drizzle of sweet maple syrup, maybe some butter, and paired with — fried chicken? While it may seem like a strange combination, chicken and waffles is Continue reading “Chicken & waffles”

Superhero season

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day! Kids get their own Comic Con! Popcorn movies hit the screens!

More than just free comics

Comic shops are going all out for Free Comic Book Day

By Katelyn Sahagian

[email protected]

Those who love Marvel, DC, Star Wars, graphic novels and other pop culture Continue reading “Superhero season”

Bee friendly

Plants to attract birds, bees and other pollinators

By Matt Ingersoll, Angie Sykeny and Katelyn Sahagian
[email protected]

A gorgeous garden isn’t just about creating the perfect landscape. Choosing the right plants helps to foster an environment where native bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and other key pollinators can thrive.

“When we say Continue reading “Bee friendly”

Powered by rays

How to hook in to solar power and other renewable energy sources

Plus Where to check out electric cars

By Mya Blanchard
[email protected]

Tyler Costa hasn’t had regular electric billssince 2021. Instead, he has lease payments of less than $150 a monththanks to solar panels installed on the roof of Continue reading “Powered by rays”

10 terrific trails

Great spots for hiking – as picked by Hippo readers

We asked, you voted, and now it’s time to hit the trails.

Among the more than 100 other “Bests” in this year’s Readers’ Poll, we asked you to name the best hiking spot in southern New Hampshire. The answers we Continue reading “10 terrific trails”

LIVE! In Nashua

Performers hit the stage at the newly opened Nashua Center for the Arts

After two years of building, 10 years of planning and more than 20 years of dreaming, the Nashua Center for the Arts has finally opened its doors.

“This is going to make a huge difference for our Continue reading “LIVE! In Nashua”

Best of 2023

It’s the most important vote you cast all year.

Sure, governmental elections involve, like, the future of your town and its schools and stuff, but this vote had pizza. And doughnuts. And beer.

In the Best of 2023 Readers’ Poll, you not only voted for your favorite pizza place, you Continue reading “Best of 2023”

PB & J

An adventure with the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly

Typically I would try to start an article on peanut butter and jelly with some sort of hook, like a story about how a Japanese princess drove off 15 ninjas with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or how Continue reading “PB & J”

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