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Portrait of a two happy young men holding rugby ball and foam glove while celebrating isolated over yellow background
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Be a super fan!

Find the local roller derby or kickball team to root for, local boxing matches with crowd appeal and the high […]

historic photo of diner counter, young girl looking at camera, man eating, man behind the counter
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Celebrating the Diner

Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner serves up 100 years of history PLUS A peek at other area diners A full century […]

a man and a woman on a pickleball court, man serving the ball
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Pickleball is everywhere

A look at the popular sport where community is key By Katelyn Sahagian After getting a quick set of […]

filled wooden barrels of apple varieties lined along wall
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Apple season

Your guide to finding fruit and fun at the orchard By Matt Ingersoll Most of southern New Hampshire continues […]

Colorful fall tree leafs against sky, vintage background
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Fall Guide 2022

Your guide for a season of fun It’s a season packed full of fun this fall with the return of […]

hand holding fancy donut with cream inside and frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top
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Doughnut Road Trip

Where to get glazed, sugared and freshly made deliciousness By Matt Ingersoll, Katelyn Sahagian and Hannah Turtle Mmm, doughnuts. […]

park bench with statue of man sitting, bricks with names carved on them beneath bench
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Finding a bit of green

Mini parks, lesser-known monuments, land trusts and other unexpected outdoor spaces Rocks that rock On the hunt for rocks with […]

young girl running with soccer ball on blank background
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The after school issue

Your guide to the soccer leagues, martial arts classes, dance lessons and more to get your kid excited for fall […]

happy young women singing karaoke in night club
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Fun after dark

Test your knowledge at trivia night, live out your rock star dreams and win prizes by listening to your favorite […]

Poster for movie Finding Sandler
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Manchester celebrates movies

The Manchester International Film Fest is ready for the big screen How to make a film festival The Manchester International […]

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