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Crafting your favorite things, newspaper cover, depicting knit mittens
Past Issues

Crafting your favorite things – 12/02/21

Local crafters are making all kinds of fantastic gift-worthy items, from cozy mittens to critter ornaments made from found-in-nature materials, […]

cover of Hippo, Santa with a giant bag slung over his shoulder
Past Issues

So Much Holiday Fun – 11/25/21

From the eve of Thanksgiving through the end of the year, there are tons of activities and events that will […]

Hippo cover showing a charcuterie board filled with nuts, fruits, olives and sliced meats
Past Issues

Edible Art – 11/18/21

If you’re looking to level-up your pre-big- meal offerings during this holiday season, charcuterie boards offer delicious bites in artful […]

magazine cover showing two people running across bridge in rain
Past Issues

Run for good! – 11/11/21

Races can bring in a lot of money and raise awareness for nonprofits, and they offer all kinds of fun […]

Hippo cover showing a costumed princess on a sparkly background
Past Issues

Princesses (still) Rule – 11/04/21

Meet local entertainers who are bringing magic to kids and families, dressed as princesses, clowns and other fun characters. Also […]

Past Issues

Adventures in Tequila – 10/28/21

It’s possible that you’ve never fully appreciated what goes into making tequila, or the flavor journey it can take you […]

front page of newspaper
Past Issues

Good and Spooky – 10/21/21

Whether you like extreme scares or less intense frights, this Halloween season has some-thing for everyone. Check out this guide […]

Past Issues

Retro Games – 10/14/21

Arcade games, bowling, Dungeons & Dragons… they were fun way back when, and they’re still fun today. Find out where […]

cover of weekly paper showing jack o lantern
Past Issues

Pick your pumpkin – 10/07/21

Surround yourself with gourds big and small at local pumpkin festivals, and pick your own at a farm near you! […]

front cover of magazine, showing female performer on stage
Past Issues

The NH Mixtape – 09/30/21

Dozens of local musicians have been nominated for the New England Music Awards, and the Hippo reached out to them […]

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