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Treasure Hunt 22/07/21

Dear Donna,

We have this Peter Rabbit magician book. I thought the unusual part was that it is all complete. Not sure how it went through all my dad’s family and is still intact.

Would there be a value to something like this?

Thanks for your time, Donna,


Dear Ken,

I was chuckling as I read your letter. I don’t know how any toys ever survived till today!

The Peter Rabbit The Magician book is from the 1940s and was produced in Illinois. It has a story plus many fun tricks inside for children. How fun this must have been!

Now for a value, Ken, from low to high you can still find this out on the internet. But not many had the original box as well. Having the box and complete magic tricks I would say it’s in the $100 range. Sometimes the original box is a big bonus.

Ken, I thank you for sharing and for the smile. Sweet family toy with memories.

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