NH Mushrooms — 07/08/03

Hippo cover showing hand holding chantarelle mushrooms

Mushrooms are having a moment — specifically foraging for fungi. With an expert. Who will keep you from picking the wrong (i.e. toxic, possibly fatally so) mushroom. Which is why we are NOT recommending you take this week’s issue into the woods to pick dinner. But we are offering this look at foraging for mushrooms, cooking with mushrooms (with recipes and a list of where to buy mushrooms if you’d rather not be the one doing the picking) and even making art with mushrooms. Cover photo is of chanterelles by Christine Gagnon.

Also on the cover Fun is on the schedule at Vernon Family Farms (page 24). Find music on restaurant and brewery decks, patios, indoor stages and more in the Music This Week (page 32). And Michael Witthaus looks at the Barefoot Music & Arts Festival.

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