Summer scrapbook — 23/08/31

front page of hippo showing 2 kids wearing facepaint, words summer scrapbook

We recognize that summer, in the calendar sense, might not be over but Labor Day does feel like the conclusion of the summer vibe. So in this week’s paper we look at a few of the events that made this mild, sometimes sunny, frequently rainy, summer unique. On the cover and above, kids attending the Currier Museum of the Art’s Summer Block Party in July get their faces painted by young artists from Manchester Central High School. Photo by Morgan Karanasios courtesy the Currier Museum.

Also on the cover It’s a long weekend, make the most of it with live music at area restaurants. Find our Music This Week listing on page 32. Concord is trying to make downtown the place to be on the first Fridays of each month (see page 24). Find some mystery and some family fun at the UFO Festival in Exeter (page 18).

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