54 recipes — 11/16/23

front page of Hippo, round buns on baking tray, words 54 recipes

To get through the holiday season, with all its parties and gatherings and family dinners. John Fladd presents to you 54 recipes — from cookies and ice creams to potatoes au gratin and scallion pancakes. And, for the nights when you just can’t with cooking — drinks! Photo at right and on the cover by John Fladd.

Also on the cover Mya Blanchard looks at the paper ornaments at the League of NH Craftsmen gallery in Nashua. Henry Homeyer considers the garden chores of November. Michael Witthaus talks to Panorama, which will pay tribute to The Cars at a Tupelo Music Hall show also featuring Bikini Whale and its take on The B-52s.

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