Quality of Life 23/11/30

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Bird page

Bird enthusiasts can now delve into the world of local avian life through New Hampshire Audubon’s new interactive website dedicated to New Hampshire’s birds. This comprehensive portal, accessible within the New Hampshire Audubon website, provides an in-depth look at the current status of birds in New Hampshire, the challenges they encounter and the actions that can be taken for their conservation. The site allows users to explore information sorted by breeding habitats and species groups, including waterfowl, birds of prey, shorebirds, aerial insectivores and ocean birds. It also offers insights into migration cycles and a resources page filled with bird conservation-related links. Visit stateofthebirds.nhaudubon.org.

QOL score: +1

Comment:“Why pay attention to birds?” the website asks and answers: “New Hampshire’s birds are an integral part of our ecosystem. They can tell us about our environment, and what the birds are telling us may be important, not only to their survival but to ours.”


In a CommercialSearch study, Manchester-Nashua, New Hampshire, was recognized among the top 30 metro areas for career advancement, placing 10th with 56 points. The metrics spotlighting New Hampshire included the second-lowest unemployment rate at 2.3 percent, the fourth-best student-to-teacher ratio with 11 students per faculty, and the fourth-highest job mobility for high-skill workers at 3.9 percent. Additionally, Manchester noted a 7.5 percent growth in the percentage of high qualified jobs, adding 2,120 such positions in one year. The study, aimed at identifying metros with the best career development opportunities, evaluated factors like education and labor market conditions.

QOL score: +1

Comment: Manchester-Nashua was the only metro area from the Northeast that ranked in the top 10 for career development, representing the region amidst a list otherwise dominated by Western metros.

Helping out

The New Hampshire Bankers Association completed its third annual #NHBanksGiveBack month of service in October. According to a press release, the event saw participation from 27 member banks, which engaged in community service activities and financial contributions. This year’s efforts amounted to more than 3,186 volunteer hours across 382 events, with a total of $504,900 in monetary donations. The activities included shred events, food and clothing donations, soup kitchen work, and financial literacy outreach, among others.

QOL score: +1

Comment: “In just three short years, the volunteer efforts of our member banks have contributed more than $1.3 million in financial support to our state and communities, backed by over 5,000 volunteer hours spread out over more than 800 charitable events,” Kristy Merrill, President of New Hampshire Bankers, said in the release.

QOL score: 84

Net change: +3

QOL this week: 87

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