The continuing adventures of NH’s comic creators

Artists and authors talk about their latest comic books and more

New Hampshire comics creators have faced plenty of challenges in the past year, like publishers and distributors shutting down, comic conventions being canceled and collaborative processes taking longer than usual. But more time at home has meant more time Continue reading “The continuing adventures of NH’s comic creators”

A sense of belongings

Artists reflect on their possessions in new exhibit

The newest exhibit at Twiggs Gallery in Boscawen, “Possessed,” explores just that: the things we possess, and the things that possess us.

Six artists tell stories of their own relationships with possessions — both physical and conceptual — through calligraphy, painting, photography, Continue reading “A sense of belongings”

Find art outdoors

Watch artists at work, hunt clay monsters and browse a bazaar, plus more in-person arts events

It’s been a trying year for the art world. Galleries and theaters have been closed, art shows and festivals have been canceled and artist collaborations have been forced to go remote or stop altogether. Continue reading “Find art outdoors”

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