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Back with more

Jewel hosts Evanoff’s return to Manchester With the February release of Singularity, Denver-based power trio Evanoff gave its signature “dream […]

film still from Bros
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Bros (R)

Bros (R) Billy Eichner plays a man who is perfectly happy by himself, absolutely doesn’t want a relationship but uncertainly […]

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Ready, set, cook

MasterChef Junior Live tour comes to Concord Former contestants of the hit Fox cooking competition series MasterChef Junior hit the […]

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Be a super fan!

Find the local roller derby or kickball team to root for, local boxing matches with crowd appeal and the high […]

A graphic the shape of the state of New Hampshire, filled in with the New Hampshire flag made up of the crest of New Hampshire on a blue field.
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News & Notes 22/10/06

Grants for new charter schools The New Hampshire Department of Education recently released data revealing that $10.2 million has been […]

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Child care struggles in NH

We were thrilled to learn last year that our daughter and her family living in Florida were relocating to New […]

man being hit by lightning
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10 films for $10

See movies and join the festival jury at Manhattan Short See 10 movies and then vote for your favorite film […]

film still from Don't Worry Darling
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Don’t Worry Darling (R)

Don’t Worry Darling (R) A sunny mid-20th-century suburb has a dark side, obviously, in Don’t Worry Darling. Alice (Florence Pugh) […]

smiling woman with long dark hair, leaning against brick wall
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Cooking with magic

Cucina Aurora owner releases new recipe book By Mya Blanchard listings@hippopress.com Everybody needs food to survive — this commonality connects […]

historic photo of diner counter, young girl looking at camera, man eating, man behind the counter
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Celebrating the Diner

Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner serves up 100 years of history PLUS A peek at other area diners A full century […]

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