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portrait of man in leather jacket in front of wooden wall
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One-man band

Talking Wallflowers with Jakob Dylan Beginning in 1996 with Bringing Down the Horse, The Wallflowers became a band in name […]

film still from Downton Abbey: A New Era
Featured Content / Film Reviews by Amy

Downton Abbey: A New Era

Downton Abbey: A New Era (PG) The Crawley family (hanging on to their country house and British nobility trappings in […]

man and woman standing behind event table filled with food samples
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Sips, sweets and savory eats

Taste of the Region returns to Derry After a successful outdoor event in 2021, the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of […]

small girl sitting on rock containing historical plaque
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A walk into the past

Finding connection in the most unlikely of spaces By Dan Szczesnydanszczesny@gmail.com This column isn’t about hiking, but it is about […]

watercolor illustration of popcicles
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Summer Guide 2022

Chill out with festivals, food events, arts excitement, theater and more Summer is here! OK, maybe the calendar puts summer […]

A graphic the shape of the state of New Hampshire, filled in with the New Hampshire flag made up of the crest of New Hampshire on a blue field.
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News & Notes 22/05/26

Covid-19 update As of May 13 As of May 20 Total cases statewide 316,691 321,042 Total current infections statewide 4,527 […]

young man smiling with wide eyes, outside at night
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Birthday boys

Drew Dunn and Saku Yanagawa At Rex From his early days doing open mic nights in his hometown of Manchester, […]

film still from Firestarter
Featured Content / Film Reviews by Amy

Firestarter (R)

Firestarter (R) Things get toasty when a young girl gets angry in Firestarter, a new adaptation of the Stephen King […]

2 men standing in front of their food truck
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On a roll

Fresh lobster rolls, Italian sausages and more from new Nashua-based food truck It’s not hard to figure out what’s on […]

cocktail with goat cheese on counter with flowers and books
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Adventures in Cheese

Wherein an intrepid cheese-lover attempts several daring experiments with cheese that lead to delicious and unexpected results Goat cheese, part […]

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