Articles written by: Jeff Mucciarone

Jeff Mucciarone is a senior account manager with Montagne Communications, where he provides communications support to the New Hampshire wine and spirits industry.

beer can and full beer glass on dark table in front of dark background
Drink / Food

Fourth of July beer

All-American craft beer There was always something about cracking a Budweiser on the Fourth of July. Don’t deny it, it […]

man standing on boat on cloudy day holding up fish he caught

Fishing for smallies

Smallmouth bass provide an angling experience like no other “Make him go where he doesn’t want to go,” fishing guide […]

can of beer on table in front of plant
Drink / Food

Refreshing the love for IPAs

We all keep coming back to them Sure, I go through spells, often even prolonged spells, where I’m focused more […]

Mans hand holding freshly poured beer in mug on seaside deck
Drink / Food

Fishing and beer

They go together like peanut butter and jelly Years ago, I would team up with my brother and two close […]

assorted meats on girll
Drink / Food

Cookout season is here

Long weekends await; get your beer cooler ready When I opened up the lid, something flew out or scurried out. […]

man opening beer bottle on boat
Drink / Food

An ode to Land Shark

Keep it simple on vacation It had been a long day. My wife and I, together with our three children, […]

Pork carnitas on plate
Drink / Food

Beer-braised carnitas

The best tacos on the planet? Imagine crispy, yet tender, bits of pork exploding with savory, sweet flavors in every […]

beer stein half beer and half foam
Drink / Food

Have a kolsch

It just tastes like beer “I thought it was time to shake things up,” my friend said as he walked […]

stuffed unicorn toy sitting with two cans of beer and a stemmed glass of beer
Drink / Food

Pizza and beer

You can’t overstate the perfection of this pairing After a quick glance at the beer menu at Cornerstone Artisanal Pizza […]

Can of beer and a glass on a table
Drink / Food

Drink these three beers now

These are worth tracking down I’ve said this before but walking into your local beer store is downright overwhelming these […]

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