Articles written by: Jeff Mucciarone

Jeff Mucciarone is a senior account manager with Montagne Communications, where he provides communications support to the New Hampshire wine and spirits industry.

can of beer sitting on table
Drink / Food

Quarantining with beer

You’re going to need something At about 3:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning, my youngest daughter woke up with […]

stemmed glass filled with beer and foam, on sunny wooden table
Drink / Food

Shaking things up

Take the beer less tasted When someone asks me what kind of beer I like, I usually say something along […]

can of Footy Pajamas beer in snow
Drink / Food

Sugar and spice

’Tis the season for holiday beers I used to be obsessed with holiday brews. As in, there wasn’t enough holiday […]

glass of coffee and beer on table, football playing on screen in background
Drink / Food

Coffee and beer

It’s a magical combination I go into most weekends with high expectations for my own productivity. Generally speaking, though, my […]

hand holding glass of light beer in restaurant
Drink / Food

Too much hops

Sometimes you need anything but IPA There are so many incredible craft-brewed IPAs and pale ales these days that it […]

can of beer on table
Drink / Food

Trillium and some random hoppy beers

You’ve got to respect the hops Because she’s a hero, my wife made a reservation at Trillium Brewing Co.’s Canton, […]

can of beer sitting beside glass of beer
Drink / Food

Portland beer tour

Maine and beer are a thing Is there a better place in the world for beer than Portland, Maine? Aside […]

can of pumpkin ale sitting on counter beside small pumpkin
Drink / Food

Pumpkin time

Why these seasonal brews are hard not to like I know I get all indignant about pumpkin beers, specifically that […]

can of beer with blue and black label sitting on wooden deck outside
Drink / Food

Beers that aren’t pumpkin

Because some of us just aren’t ready It was mid-August when I saw my first pumpkin beer in a local […]

can of beer on wooden railing in front of blurry backyard
Drink / Food

Everyday IPAs

Some IPAs now are borderline crushable IPAs are king. But they’re also super confusing. You’ve got American IPAs, New England […]

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