IPA beer in glass
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The West Coast IPA

It’s not fair to call the IPA style ubiquitous. I mean, it totally is, but at the same time, that […]

two wine bottles
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Meet crémant

Another French sparkling wine When thinking of sparkling wines two immediately come to mind: Champagne and prosecco. Champagne is typically […]

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The Chestnut Club

This column is an intervention for my editor and her aversion to a certain liqueur. We Americans don’t deal well […]

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Back of the fridge

What’s lurking behind the milk? Do you ever just do a deep dive into your fridge? It’s full of surprises. […]

Beautiful red ripe tomatoes grown in a greenhouse. Beautiful background
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Plant now, eat later

What to start growing this spring so you can feast this summer If you want to enjoy garden-fresh fruits and […]

Rose wine bottle on white background
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Spring rosés

Time to stop and sip the wine It’s spring and perhaps Mother Nature may cooperate and provide us with continued […]

orange cocktail drink
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Spring Sunshine

So, apparently, it’s springtime. The snow is gone. We’ve switched over to daylight saving time. My road is a morass […]

beer glass next to beer can full
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Let’s talk IPAs

So annoyingly popular IPAs are so popular right now I almost try to avoid writing about them, not because I […]

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Tasting tour

Take a mini day trip and discover new flavors at New Hampshire wineries Whether you know (or think you know) […]

portrait of a man in a black hat, 3 wine bottles on white background
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Meet Martin Reyes

The winemaker for Peter Paul Wines Meet Martin Reyes, a Master of Wine and the first American of Mexican descent […]

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