beer can and full beer glass on dark table in front of dark background
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Fourth of July beer

All-American craft beer There was always something about cracking a Budweiser on the Fourth of July. Don’t deny it, it […]

5 bottles of wine lined up on blank background
Drink / Food

Para paella

Wines to go with this Spanish dish My wife and I gather monthly for “wine dinners” with friends. As one […]

Glass with cocktail and ice on wicker table near plant
Drink / Food

Take five

It’s been a long, cold, and lonely winter. Let’s say, hypothetically, that you are a teacher. You’ve finally broken down […]

can of beer on table in front of plant
Drink / Food

Refreshing the love for IPAs

We all keep coming back to them Sure, I go through spells, often even prolonged spells, where I’m focused more […]

green cocktail on plate with peas
Drink / Food

Achieving whirled peas

In her Little House books Laura Ingalls Wilder made a big deal out of the changing of the seasons. Fall […]

2 bottles of French wine
Drink / Food

French variety

Two reds that show off the diversity of French grapes France is the largest country in western Europe. In the […]

Mans hand holding freshly poured beer in mug on seaside deck
Drink / Food

Fishing and beer

They go together like peanut butter and jelly Years ago, I would team up with my brother and two close […]

cocktail with lime and cucumber in glass and pitcher
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Party in a pitcher

When we think of summer drinking, cocktails usually aren’t the first thing to spring to mind. We imagine a friend […]

4 bottles of wine
Drink / Food

Wines for barbecuing

What to pair with cooking and eating outdoors Memorial Day weekend! Seems like just yesterday we were still blowing snow, […]

assorted meats on girll
Drink / Food

Cookout season is here

Long weekends await; get your beer cooler ready When I opened up the lid, something flew out or scurried out. […]

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