cocktail on countertop, surrounded by ingredients
Drink / Food

’68 Barracuda

The idea had been a solid one: walking around Boston’s North End, comparing the ricotta pie at as many Italian […]

assortment of bottled wines beside plate of chicken wings
Drink / Food

What goes with football?

Pairing wines with NFL playoff chicken wings It is the NFL playoff season and time to have those football-centered house […]

can of beer sitting on table
Drink / Food

Quarantining with beer

You’re going to need something At about 3:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning, my youngest daughter woke up with […]

2 bottles of claret sitting next to 2 cookbooks
Drink / Food

A new old wine

Get to know claret The Wine Lover’s Companion, a compilation of “nearly 4,000 wine-related terms,” defines claret as a term […]

countertop with cocktail glass and ingredients, including lemon and frozen blackberries
Drink / Food

Lemon 2 the Rescue

So, you know how every three or four months you go through your pantry and get rid of all the […]

stemmed glass filled with beer and foam, on sunny wooden table
Drink / Food

Shaking things up

Take the beer less tasted When someone asks me what kind of beer I like, I usually say something along […]

kitchen counter with clutter of cocktail ingredients and equipment
Drink / Food

New Year’s Eve for grown-ups

For a variety of complicated, therapy-inducing reasons, we spent Christmas in 1974 with my mother’s twin sister and her family […]

4 bottles of various wines lined up beside gnome figurine
Drink / Food

Pretty sweet

Sweet wines for holiday giving and drinking The holiday season provides us with the opportunity to exchange gifts with those […]

can of Footy Pajamas beer in snow
Drink / Food

Sugar and spice

’Tis the season for holiday beers I used to be obsessed with holiday brews. As in, there wasn’t enough holiday […]

2 bottles of sparkling wine, plaid ribbon and red berries around them
Drink / Food

Bubbles for the holidays

Celebrate with some sparkling wine As the song goes, it is “the most wonderful time of the year!” as we […]

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