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Lift one another up

At a religious ceremony last weekend, in the beautiful woods of New Hampshire, the priest counseled us to come together […]

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No Grinch this year

For more years than I can remember, at this time of year someone within earshot would say, “Christmas carols so […]

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A professor’s meditation

In a curious way, the pandemic has closed us into our houses and into ourselves at precisely the time when […]

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Coping with loss

As our country reaches the unenviable milestone of 200,000 deaths from the pandemic, the New York Times this week printed […]

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A first step

It started in a parking lot. I noticed and greatly admired his old, possibly vintage, car, and told him so […]

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Neither snow nor rain

If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can recall the very sound our mail slot at home would make […]

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Testing the NH paradox

Cellphone videos are all over the web and the media today, documenting incidents of confrontation between those wearing a face […]

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Virus, new and old

Just as a nation, battered by a global pandemic, prepares cautiously to reemerge from its sheltered and shuttered way of […]

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