Album cover for Bird Friend, Dance with the Devil
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/01/20

Bird Friend, Carolyn Know (self-released) Fans of folk revivalists like Karen Dalton and Jackson C. Frank, Manchester local Geoff Himsel […]

Album Cover for Pussy Riot's Rage Remixes
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/01/13

Pussy Riot, Rage Remixes (self-released) These Russian protest-punk girls should be no strangers to your cultural head space, given that […]

album cover for Mild Orange Looking for Space
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/01/06

Mild Orange, Colourise (self-released) By now you’ve probably noticed a growing preference in this column for dream-pop and chamber-pop. Those […]

Reptaliens album cover
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/30

Reptaliens, Multiverse (self-released) The first album from this Portland, Oregon-based husband-and-wife synthpop duo was 2017’s FM-2030, named after the famous […]

album cover for ABBA Voyage
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/23

Alice Phoebe Lou, Child’s Play (self-released) I don’t like getting all class-war on an innocent album that never did anything […]

Tulip Tiger x Garret Noel music album cover with star on front
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/16

Tulip Tiger x Garrett Noel, Synth Xmas II (Give/Take Records) Funny, right after I wrapped up this week’s Playlist thingie, […]

cover art for album, Modern nature
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/09

Modern Nature, Island of Noise (Bella Union Records) Here continues the saga of U.K. songwriter Jack Cooper, with whom you […]

album cover for Naked Raygun
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/02

Naked Raygun, Over The Overlords (Wax Trax Records) This Chicago post-punk band never struck me as “post” anything, just punk, […]

album cover for Papercuts Baxter's Bliss ep showing an illustrated castle on a hill
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/11/25

Papercuts, Baxter’s Bliss EP (Psychic Friends Records) Papercuts is the stage name of Jason Quever, San Francisco-based dream-pop guy who […]

album cover of Knoxville House by Blonder
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/11/18

Blonder, Knoxville House (Cool world Records) At this writing, this debut record from Long Island native Constantine Anastasakis isn’t due […]

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