Louis Armstrong, The Standard Oil Sessions
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/11/24

Soen, Atlantis (Silver Lining Music) With Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s traditional holiday tour coming soon, our thoughts turn of course not to […]

cover art for Long Mama, Poor Pretender
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/11/17

Enuff Z’Nuff, Finer Than Sin (Frontiers Music) Early holiday present for me; new albums from long-irrelevant (at least in the […]

cover art for Hellsingland Underground album, Endless Optimism
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/11/10

Hellsingland Underground, Endless Optimism (Sound Pollution Records) So the deal with this album is it’s the latest from a bunch […]

cover for Brothertiger album Brothertiger
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/11/03

Brothertiger, Brothertiger (Satanic Panic Records) If you were around in the late ’80s, you probably heard your share of corporate […]

album cover for Nelson, A Nelson Family Christmas
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/10/27

Nelson, A Nelson Family Christmas (UME Records) So glad to get the first holiday record of the season into the […]

Cover for the album Pad by the band Peel Dream Magazine. Its white with some small black writing and a red cartoon girl. Imagine School house rock went minimalist.
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/10/20

Peel Dream Magazine, Pad (Slumberland Records)With its Postal Service-vs.-the very worst parts of Spoon-sounding tunes, this dude’s first album, 2020’s […]

album cover for Gogol Bordello, Solidaritine
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/10/13

Gogol Bordello, Solidaritine (Cooking Vinyl Records) I swear, one of the few remaining genres I can still consistently stomach is […]

album art for Chez Kane, Powerzone
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/10/06

Alexis Castrogiovanni, Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains (self-released) Debut EP from this Canadian singer-songwriter/cellist, steeped […]

album cover art for Maraton, Unseen Color
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/09/29

Maraton, Unseen Color (Indie Recordings) Well, here’s a nice attempt at prog rock by a bunch of Norwegians, whose first […]

album art for Franklin Gothic, Into The Light
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 22/09/22

Franklin Gothic, Into The Light (Very Jazzed & Pleasure Tapes) Nothing I hate more than committing to writing up a […]

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