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apples cut into small pieces on plate, covered in herbs
Food / Try This At Home

Thyme and brown sugar apples

It’s fall in New Hampshire, which likely means you’ve been apple picking or at least stopped by an orchard. You […]

pile of square biscuits on square plate on wooden table
Food / Try This At Home

Sweet potato biscuits

As much as the end of summer means the disappearance of long days and warm weather, it also means it’s […]

close up of cracker in spinach dip
Food / Try This At Home

Healthy spinach dip

When you think about snacking, “healthy” may not be the first word that comes to mind. I understand that 100 […]

three baked scones on white plate, apple behind them
Food / Try This At Home

Caramel apple scones

September is here, which means two things in New Hampshire. First, it’s back to school time. Second, it’s apple season. […]

single muffin on white plate, in front of bowl of muffins
Food / Try This At Home

Snickerdoodle muffins

Isn’t it every child’s dream to be able to eat cookies for breakfast? Actually, don’t a lot of adults have […]

two lemon whoopie pies on white plate on wooden table
Food / Try This At Home

Lots of lemon whoopie pies

Although so much of my summer cooking and baking revolves around local produce, this lemon recipe is a summertime favorite […]

two glass dessert bowls filled with peaches, a biscuit and whipped cream on wooden table
Food / Try This At Home

Fresh peach slump

Last week I wrote about fresh peach scones, which are a delicious way to start your day. Now I have […]

peach scone with glaze, on square plate
Food / Try This At Home

Fresh peach scones

The second half of summer heralds a rush of locally grown produce. For a cook, it’s an exciting time of […]

hand dipping spoon into white bowl filled with pink smoothie
Food / Try This At Home

Very berry smoothie bowl

Whether you have an abundance of locally picked blueberries that are stored in your freezer or you bought a bag […]

3 baked blueberry and oat squares sitting on white surface
Food / Try This At Home

Blueberry crisp bars

It’s berry season in New Hampshire, which means it’s time to get some fruit and start baking! Growing up with […]

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