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close up of round sugar cookies covered in different colors of frosting
Food / Try This At Home

Soft sugar cookies

Welcome to eating season! I’m embracing it wholeheartedly with this cookie recipe. Who doesn’t want to bake cookies with cold […]

closeup of applesauce
Food / Try This At Home

Homemade applesauce

Applesauce is one of my favorite easily made dishes. On a weekend afternoon, the smell of simmering apples adds warmth […]

rounded stemmed glass filled with yogurt and apples
Food / Try This At Home

Apple parfait

It is almost “eating season”, which is what I call the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It seems that […]

2 stacked caramel stuffed chocolate chip cookies on plate sitting in front of glass of milk
Food / Try This At Home

Caramel-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

It’s the week after Halloween, and you may be wondering why you would need a dessert recipe. Think of it […]

butternut squash, beans, and vegetables cooked in bowl
Food / Try This At Home

Butternut squash chili

With frost warnings in our forecasts, it is the time of year for slow-cooked meals. Simmering on the stove or […]

The tops of some sausage rolls, nothing too exciting
Food / Try This At Home

Simple Sausage Rolls

If you still are thinking about sausage-based appetizers after last week’s cheesy sausage balls recipe, you are in luck! This […]

3 cheesy meat balls on white plate
Food / Try This At Home

Cheesy sausage balls

The chill of fall is officially here! Last week’s salad may be my last hurrah into cold main dishes for […]

cut peaches and pecans on arugula
Food / Try This At Home

Peach salad with bourbon vinaigrette

Fall in New Hampshire quite often includes a visit to an orchard. While most people may think about apples, there […]

mound of pineapple jam surrounded by circle of crackers on plate
Food / Try This At Home

Quick and spicy pineapple jam

Happy fall! Not only is it the return of cooler weather, it is also the return of me wanting to […]

pieces of breaded cauliflower beside blob of ketchup
Food / Try This At Home

Baked cauliflower tots

I am all for making healthier versions of snacks, if they are still delicious. A great example is these cauliflower […]

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