Treasure Hunt 21/01/28

Dear Donna,

I have an assortment of older comics. They are not in the best condition, but I thought you might be able to provide advice as to a value, if any.


Dear Karl,

I have to start off by saying that comics is a very specific field, and even if I can give you my thoughts on them, you should do more research and or see someone who deals in them.

My experience with comics is that the closer they are to mint condition, the higher the value. Most are in very used condition from reading, so to find mint ones makes the value on some soar.

Collectors look for older ones, limited ones and specific issues. You can’t really group your comics without checking on each one individually. One rare comic can be worth more than $1,000 in mint condition. In poor condition the same one could be worth $50. That’s still a value that could add up with an assortment of them.

Common older comics can still have values from $5 and up, even in used condition. There is a specific scale used to judge the condition of them. This is why I suggest you do further research before assuming you just have a lot of used comics. Even if they are only in the $5 range each, it still adds up!

If you need help in doing research I could refer you to a person who could help you in this field. Drop me an email and I will put you in touch.

Author: Donna Welch

Donna Welch has spent more than 30 years in the antiques and collectibles field, appraising and instructing, and recently closed the physical location of From Out Of The Woods Antique Center ( but is still doing some buying and selling. She is a member of The New Hampshire Antiques Dealer Association. If you have questions about an antique or collectible send a clear photo and information to Donna at, or call her at 391-6550 or 624-8668.

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