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creepy doll

Dear Donna,
I recently acquired this “Emma Doll.” It was said to be a fine reproduction of an antique doll, purchased at an Amish shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 13 years ago. Do you have any info you could share?

Dear Paula,
Your doll is sweet and life size. Values for reproduction items are not always strong in the antiques market. But if it was done by a specific artist and signed, this would help with a value. It goes with the same rules as if it were an antique. Who did it, when, the quality and detailing, rarity (depending on how many the maker made) and availability of it are all factors in today’s market and in the future. So I think your next step would be to find collectors for these kinds of dolls. They will give you a fair value for it.

Author: Donna Welch

Donna Welch has spent more than 30 years in the antiques and collectibles field, appraising and instructing, and recently closed the physical location of From Out Of The Woods Antique Center ( but is still doing some buying and selling. She is a member of The New Hampshire Antiques Dealer Association. If you have questions about an antique or collectible send a clear photo and information to Donna at, or call her at 391-6550 or 624-8668.

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