Treasure Hunt 23/04/27

old egg slicer that looks like a pair of scissors, but with a round disc and a metal loop

Hi, Donna.

My name is Karen and I am unsure of what I have. It came to me in a collection of decorative spoons but it definitely does not look like a spoon. On the reverse side it says D. Peres Germany. It has a few brown spots around the tail and where the screw is located which connects the two pieces together. It is approximately 5 1/2 inches from top to the bottom. I would be very interested in knowing what it is.



Dear Karen,

You made me smile today! The first time I saw one of these I also thought, What are these for?

What you have, Karen, is an egg slicer. That’s why it’s in the form of a chicken. It is a plated material on the coating so you can find brown spots or even chipping of the plating. They were also made in sterling silver, which would be of higher value. What a novel idea to slice your hard or soft boiled egg with this kitchen tool.

The value is not high for the piece but priceless for an education. They run in the $15 range. Karen, thanks for sharing.


Author: Donna Welch

Donna Welch has spent more than 30 years in the antiques and collectibles field, appraising and instructing, and recently closed the physical location of From Out Of The Woods Antique Center ( but is still doing some buying and selling. She is a member of The New Hampshire Antiques Dealer Association. If you have questions about an antique or collectible send a clear photo and information to Donna at, or call her at 391-6550 or 624-8668.

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