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Worker Bee Fund hosts second Mount Uncanoonuc Brewfest

On Saturday, Oct. 14, from 1 to 5 p.m., more than a dozen breweries will come together with music, games and food for the second Mount Uncanoonuc Brewfest in the parking lot of Mountain Base Brewery in Goffstown. Organized by the Worker Bee Fund, the event will raise money for projects performed by the charity.

“The Worker Bee Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) in New Hampshire,” said Brian Hansen, the founder of the charity. “We fix up houses for disabled veterans [by] doing carpentry jobs like [building] ramps, accessible kitchens [and] bathrooms. … Our goal is to help improve people’s houses that they live in so they can stay there a couple of years extra. It’s kind of aimed at elderly folks [and] focused on lower income brackets.”

Last year about 405 people attended, double the number they expected, including veterans for whom they had done projects in the past. This year, breweries will include Mountain Base Brewery, Stark Brewing Co., Henniker Brewing Co. and Spyglass Brewing. There will also be food vendors, like Paulie’s Hot Dogs, Pastry Dream and Squaloo’s BBQ, as well as ax throwing, cornhole and live music performed by The Apostolides Project.

Hansen started the organization shortly before the onslaught of Covid. He wanted to be able to help people age more comfortably in their own home, so he used his skills in architectural design to make this happen. He has enlisted the help of others along the way, adding people to his team and working with other organizations.

“When you start something like this, a little community forms,” he said. “All kinds of things you didn’t expect were going to happen happen. People come out of the woodwork because they want to help, and you learn things about people you thought you knew.”

Hansen says the hardest part of what the Worker Bee Fund does is finding people who need help, as many people who do often don’t reach out. For this reason, they market directly with veteran organizations in the state.

“A lot of the case workers at [Easterseals’] Veterans Count point people to us,” he said. “They’ve referred people to us before, they’ve chipped in funds on some of the projects, which has been great. We really couldn’t do it without them. … Without them pointing people to us, we’re much less of an organization.”

The money to fund the various projects the organization performs, about 10 a year, is raised by the Worker Bee Fund through social media, donations and events, such as the Mount Uncanoonuc Brewfest.

Hansen hopes for the same great weather they had for last year’s event.

He said, “A big turnout would be really nice because we always have lots and lots of beer, [and] a really diverse group of people who are looking to have a good time … and are eager to meet veterans who are superheroes.”

Mount Uncanoonuc Brewfest
: Saturday, Oct. 14, 1 to 5 p.m.
Where: 553 Mast Road, Goffstown
Cost: Tickets are $35 when purchased in advance, $45 on the day of the event and $10 for designated drivers.

Featured photo: Courtesy photo.

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